The air conditioning helmet: a cool head for motorcyclists in the boiling weather!


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The helmet cause lots of discomfort for motorcyclists in scorching hot days but now things are about to change with this new invention – an AC helmet.

With an adoration for riding, Steve Feher, an American inventor has introduced the first self-contained AC helmet of the world, the Feher ACH-1 Helmet which promises to reduce temperatures by 6-8ºC (10-15ºF), giving riders comfortable feeling in the boiling weather.


The Feher ACH-1 Helmet comes as a solution for riders in scorching hot days

The helmet’s 1,450 grams in weight and costs $600 (~₦218 thousand). It comes with anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield which can enhance the safety throughout the ride.


The helmet is equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield

The AC system in the helmet will gain power either from the battery of the motorcycle through a switchable disconnect cord or from integrated battery packs which can be sold separately.

By using a thermoelectric pump like the one to cool down seats in cars, the patented air-conditioned helmet can circulate cooled, filtered air widely throughout the whole interior. Besides, the patented Tubular Space Fabric inside, which looks like a honeycomb liner helps the helmet provide consistent and optimal temperature.

According to Feher:

That temperature variance will be more significant in higher temperatures and can be up to ten to fifteen degrees cooler.

Keeping your head cooler will make your body feel less impacted by the heat and make for a more comfortable ride in hot conditions than riding with your regular helmet.


The thermoelectric technology allows the helmet to circulate cool air around the rider’s head

Video: Feher Helmets 2018 ACH 1 Overview

As to people in tropical countries like Nigeria, traveling by motorcycles may be a misery due to the fierce heat and sweat caused by wearing traditional helmets. That’s the reason why we believe you should purchase yourself this Feher ACH-1 Helmet.

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