The 10 longest-living car models ever- the Bug on top


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Let's check out the 10 oldest car models ever.

The Volkswagen Beetle has been long standing as the longest-produced car ever but let’s see how long it takes us to see the next oldest running car after this iconic 65-year-old model retires next year by looking at our top 10 longest-living car models ever down below.

10. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

This 34-year-old vehicle was first introduced in 1984.

Angular front of the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

9. Volkswagen Golf

Ended its production in 2009, this model was 35-year-old at that time.

Angular front of the Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

8. Peugeot 504

The 504 was in production from 1968 to 2006 (38 years).

Angular front of the Peugeot 504

Peugeot 504

7. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The G-Class's destiny was ended in the year 2017 after 38 years of development.

Angular front of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

6. Mini

The Mini was revealed in 1959 and when it retired in 2000, it had been seen on roads for 41 years.

Angular front of the Mini


5. Lada Niva

The 41-year-old vehicle is still adding up its age.

Angular front of the Lada Niva

Lada Niva

4. Citroen 2VC

The Citroen 2CV couldn’t improve its age when the car maker decided to end its production in 1990. It was then 42 years old.

Angular front of the Citroen 2VC

Citroen 2VC

3. Morgan 4/4

This model is still in Morgan’s plan though it’s now already 63 years old.

Angular front of the Morgan 4/4

2. Volkswagen Kombi

This used to be the oldest model before its leave from the auto industry in 2013 when 64 years old.

Angular front of the Volkswagen Kombi

Volkswagen Kombi

1. Volkswagen Beetle (Volkswagen Type 1)

The German car maker marked the end of the production the Volkswagen Beetle in 2003 when it was 65 years old. Volkswagen will release its Final Edition next year.

Angular front of the Volkswagen Beetle (Volkswagen Type 1)

Volkswagen Beetle

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