Tesla hints that "very soon" human drivers won't be needed for its cars

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The billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors has recently confirmed that the company is "very close" to making cars navigate roads without any human driver input.

Elon Musk, the CEO of popular electric car manufacturing company – Tesla INC has recently confirmed that the auto company is now closer to achieving the highly coveted level 5 self-driving technology. This tech will literally give any automobile the ability to drive itself without needing any input from a human driver.


Tesla CEO, Elon Musk says the company is closer to achieving the much-anticipated level 5 self-driving technology for cars

This news is coming barely a week after Tesla INC caught up with Toyota Motors to become the world’s most valuable carmaker. Yes, Tesla is no doubt the definition of a true “record breaker” as it keeps dropping one surprise after another despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon says he is 100% confident that the level 5 autonomous vehicle technology will happen anytime soon and even quicker than most people expect. He made this disclosure in a video message he made for the opening of this year’s WAIC (World Artificial Intelligence Conference). He could be quoted in the video message stating that basic functionality for a typical level 5 autonomy should be completed and made available before the end of this year 2020.

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Below is a press report video containing Elon Musk’s message where he made the disclosure about Tesla’s progress as regards autonomous driving technology;

  Elon Musk delivers a virtual speech for WAIC

It would be very interesting to see if Tesla will really beat other companies in launching the first fully autonomous driving technology. Some of the companies investing billions of dollars in this technology currently include Uber, Alphabet INC, Waymo and etc. However, many industry experts still hold the belief that getting the public ready for fully autonomous driving technology will take more time when it arrives.

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