Tesla launches update that makes its Autopilot feature obey stop signs and traffic lights


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Popular American electric carmaker, Tesla has taken the autonomous "Autopilot" feature on its cars to a new level with a recent software update.

In this age of technology, everyone craves for more machines that require little to no human effort in their operation. This is why the American auto company, Tesla, has stolen many hearts with its electric cars that possess an “Autopilot” (self-driving) feature. This feature has gained so much popularity due to the fact that it enables Tesla cars to drive autonomously while a human driver just sits back and enjoys the ride.

Now, the company has taken things up a notch by launching a new software update which makes this Autopilot feature to obey stop signs and traffic lights when activated.


Tesla wows its customers by launching a new update that makes its Autopilot feature obey stops signs and traffic lights (Photo Credit TESLA)

While a lot of people are still asking if Nigeria is ready for electric cars, motorists in other nations like the United States are beginning to enjoy fully-functional self-driving features like the Autopilot which comes with all the latest Tesla car models. According to the latest press release by Tesla, it has launched a new software update (2020.12.6) that gives the existing “Autopilot” feature the ability to spot a “Stop Sign” ahead, notify a driver and also halt the car when it reaches that point.

This new update also enables the Autopilot feature to spot different traffic lights and control a Tesla car accordingly. Isn’t that just cool 😊?

Check out a real-life test of this new Tesla Autopilot software update in the video below;

  Tesla Autopilot can now understand STOP signs & Traffic Lights!

What’s even more interesting from the video above is how the Tesla software not only spots stops signs, and traffic lights but also recognizes waste bins by the roadside. This just shows how far Tesla has gone in terms of electric car technology.

Such reports like this make us remember that a few months back, a commercial electric vehicle was launched here in Nigeria but we are yet to get any latest information regarding the car till now. However, we recently published a new detailed article that lists out the top 8 electric cars anyone can buy in 2020.

Wouldn’t it be really cool if one could ever ride on Nigerian roads with these Tesla Autopilot feature activated?

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