Tesla Roadster - the electric car that decrowns the infamous Bugatti Chiron


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Who would've thought an electric car would be able to surpass the statue of the supercar world? Its pricing even shocks you more. Check it out here!

Nowadays, anything that has the tag "electric" would likely receive the endorsement and possibly a (silent) round of applause from the "progressive", liberal world citizens. Inventors of all things electric are considered visionary and that their inventions are the future of the world. That's why Elon Musk has become such a global phenomenon for the last decade. Some even dare to say that the end of oil-based fuel is very near, possibly within 10 to 20 years.

a Tesla Roadster on the road

If you think yourself progressive, you should believe in the future of electric cars

Conservatives and skeptics are, as usual, doubtful about that. They firmly believe that mankind still has a long way until we reach the stage where products from fossils fuel become obsolete. And that's not a groundless claim. After all, fossil fuels are the magic and almighty liquid that have led us to this era. Not just used to create fuel, gas and diesel, everything we use today can somehow be traced back to fossil fuels, from plastic, wax for your shoes, tires, kitchenware...etc.

Gas and petrol vehicles are no exception. For a long time, petrol and gas-powered vehicles have dominated the automotive world, in the sense that they used to travel faster, produce more torque and easier to refuel the tank.

Do you see that we use the phrase "used to"? Because that's all about to change now. With the introduction of the new Tesla Roadster, the perception of electric cars, compared to general cars, have been shifted. The new Tesla Roadster has been said to be faster than the most gas-powered car, even the Bugatti Chiron. Yes, you heard that right. It accelerates from zero to 100km/h 0.5 seconds faster, reaches a quarter mile 10 seconds ahead and can travel 3 times as far. 

Tesla Roadster's and Bugatti Chiron's specs

Car experts and enthusiasts worldwide are still in shock of the new Tesla's spec

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This is really a shock to car enthusiasts from around the world. A newly introduced electric vehicle could manage to surpass the so-called statue of the supercars, the Chiron. Who knows which car would it beat next? And of course, the Roadster is in no way the last car Tesla will produce. Not to mention that you could literally buy 15 Tesla with the price of one single Chiron, or just 1 Roadster plus a seaside condo.

a red Tesla Roadster on the road

The futuristic design of Tesla Roadster

The future now seems so dull to the Chiron and the gas-powered vehicles as a whole. Till now, the Tesla company still has one factor before it completely defeats the Chiron, its maximum speed. And it's projected to be near.

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