Tesla Powerwall: What is it and how does it works?


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Tesla has provided another alternative to help power your home and office. And it's from solar energy, called Tesla Powerwall. See its features below!

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, manufacturers of electric vehicles, solar roofs and battery products has added another product to their brand's lineup - the Tesla Powerwall.

In this article on Naijauto.com, we’ll be taking a look at this latest product by Tesla to know what it is, and how it works. Let's see!

1. What is the Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is a battery system designed for homes. It's a lithium-ion technology built to store energy that has been built up by solar energy and wind vane. And it's another way to power your house.The Tesla Powerwall is normally mounted on the wall, however, it can be placed on the floor of a house. With this battery system, your home can be powered at night with the solar power that was built up in the system during the day. It can also be used as a backup or a substitute if you are going off the grid.


There are three options before you decide to by a Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall has been estimated to be selling at $3,000 (~N1 million) and manufactured for daily usage. This lithium-ion battery system can store up to 7 kWh of energy which can power a home for 7 hours. The Tesla Powerwall weighs 214 pounds. You can have it mounted either indoor or outdoor, but not by you. It should be installed by a professional electrician in your home if you decide to go for it. You will book for a reservation and Tesla will contact you for the installation.

The Powerwall has three options for its usage.

  • It's a source of power to meet your home utility. With the off-grid option it provides, you can run your house completely with solar energy stored in the Powerwall.
  • It's a supplementary means of powering your home, meant to be used at night. Here, you are able to make use of the solar power generated during the day, as a source of power for your home during the night.


You can opt for supplementary which provides enough enery for use at night

  • It's a backup power generator when there is a blackout. You can equally use it to save electricity bills. When electricity isn't available, it's an alternative to power and the electrical appliances in your house. Again, during peak times, when the battery is in use, it pulls power from the battery to help reduce your electricity bills.

Note this: When you are using it as another means of a power supply, it can hold up energy that will be enough to power a house in the evening. Average homes power their electrical appliances like TV, refrigerator, heater, and light with electricity. If your power consumption rate is higher than the average consumption, going for supplementary power sources may be a good option.

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The Tesla Powerwall is explained here

Now, let's see how this battery system works.

2. How does the Tesla Powerwall work?

The Powerwall battery system is connected to the electrical panel in your home, and collects energy to be stored for later use, depending on your home set up. The Tesla Powerwall comes with these components.

  • Powerwall battery pack

It's evident that the Powerwall battery pack is an essential component as it comes handy when integrating any system into your home.

  • Inverter

The inverter converts the electrical power from direct current to standard alternating current for household usage. An inverter is relevant on a system to help change electricity into the way it can be used by home appliances.

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The Tesla Powerwall can be amounted either indoor or outdoor

  • Solar panels

Solar panels aid in the conversation of solar power generated from sunlight into electricity. Using the Powerwall as a backup at night or as a supplementary means of generating power for your home will necessitate you getting solar panels. The solar panel is used to gather together sunlight in the daytime.

  • Backup panel and switch

If the Powerwall will be serving as a backup for power supply, then there's a need for a backup panel and switch. With it, you will get to know the appliances that should be powered when electricity isn't available. The switch, on the other hand, will power the appliances when the need arises.

The Tesla Powerwall comes with a 10-year warranty and proffers a stress-free way to meet the energy needs of your home. We also have other up to date consumer reports here on our news section. Do check them out.

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