Tesla Model X spotted in Lagos: Welcome to the new age?


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Think electric vehicles have no place in Naija? You are wrong. Some people are already cruising them. The Tesla Model X was spotted in Lagos. Check it out!


It takes 10 hours to fully charge the Tesla Model X

Electric vehicles (EVS) are getting a lot of publicity lately. They are believed to be the future as some advanced countries have started getting rid of carbon-emitting cars infamous for polluting the environment. Hopes for having EVs across the streets of Nigeria were dashed after a motion by Senator Ben Murray Bruce to make them the main vehicles on Nigerian roads by 2035 did not see the light of day. Nonetheless, a few people in the country have acquired it. One of those people is an Indian currently living in Nigeria. His Tesla Model X was spotted at a mall in the highbrow town of Ikoyi in Lagos.

See the features of the Tesla Model X he is riding"

It is a sports SUV

Sports SUVs are hot cakes due to their luxurious making and high speed. In 2.9 seconds, the model X covers 0 to 60 mph.

It is fully electric

To get it fully charged, it has to be plugged for 10 hours. With that capacity of power, it can cover up to 530KM i.e an approximately 3-hour journey.

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It has falcon wing doors

The car is so sleek that it does not need a big space to open its doors. In the face of limited space, the doors can squeeze their way through, opening up for you.


The wing doors are so fancy, they will make heads turn!

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It has autopilot mode

The Tesla Model X drives on an autopilot system. In other words, it can drive itself to a large extent. However, it requires detailed system mapping to do that. Since that is not readily available in Nigeria yet, the autopilot feature is useless here.

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Having this kind of car means that you will have to make provision for charging it yourself as there are no charging spots for it on Nigerian streets. If you fail to charge it well at home and take it for a ride, it might stop you on the road – OYO will be your case.

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