Tesla Model X cut into two from a horrific crash with a Nissan GT-R


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The crash left the Tesla Model X to pieces but miraculously, no occupants are in critical condition.

A Tesla Model X has reportedly gotten involved in a horrific crash with a Nissan GT-R. This accident, however, only caused front damage on the Nissan but the Tesla car suffered a massive blow as it was cut into 2.


The all-electric Tesla Model X SUV was cut into two after crashing with a Nissan GT-R 

Fortunately, the accident that occurred in Hallandale Beach in Florida, United States didn’t inflict any serious injury on any of the occupants, including the two drivers and other occupants. From further reports, the owner of this Tesla had a minor leg injury and slight blooding running from his nose. None of the occupants were in critical condition when they were taken to the hospital.

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The Nissan GT-R on the other suffered less damage as its front was smashed in from the crash

We learned the Nissan GT-R allegedly sped right into the Tesla after it ran a red light. This horrific crash further stamped the reputation of the impressive safety features installed on the Award-winning Tesla Model X SUV. When such a crash happens with most SUVs, they either roll over or somersault after the impact due to their high center of gravity.

Video: Tesla Model X CRAZY crash, cut & split in half by speeding Nissan GTR - Greg Ferreira

The all-electric Tesla models, on the other hand, come with a low center of gravity, making it impossible for them to roll over during accidents of high speed.

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