Photo of an all-electric Tesla Model S spotted in Anambra goes viral!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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What could a fully electric-powered Tesla Model S car be possibly doing at a village in Anambra State? See the beautiful Tesla car in the photo here!

Despite Nigeria’s epileptic electricity supply, a certain Tesla Model X electric car was spotted in Lagos just a few months ago and now again, a new Tesla Model S was recently spotted in a village in Anambra a few days back.


Viral photo of an all-electric Tesla Model S car spotted in a village at Anambra State, Nigeria

This viral photo was reportedly taken at Nimo, Njikoka Local Govt, area of Anambra State where many were said to have been taken aback at the sight of a Tesla electric car in a “Naija Village”.

The Tesla Model S is a fully electric-powered car that requires an average of 10-hours power supply for its battery pack to be fully charged through a 240V electric outlet with NEMA 14-50 plugs.

For those that might be wondering why many online users have been talking about this car being spotted in a village, below are some of the reasons why electric cars are yet to be popular in Nigeria till now;

  • Short supply of electricity
  • Charging time trauma
  • Range Anxiety
  • Higher prices
  • Maintenance matters and many more

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