See how Tesla Model 3 owner used car’s app to deceive and foil the plan of thieves


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A female owner of Tesla Model 3 reportedly used the app installed on her phone to trick the thieves that stole her car into abandoning and fleeing from it.

Just like in Nigeria where we have many possible cases of car theft, the situation seems a bit worse in the United States, where they stole a vehicle every forty seconds in 2019 alone. While many might have fallen victims to these car thieves, one particular owner of Tesla Model 3 wasn’t ready to let go of her precious car, at least without a fight.


The Tesla Model 3 owner used the car's app to track the thieves, making them abandon it

From what we learnt, the female owner identified as Annabelle Brett decided to fool the car thieves by making use of the technology fitted on the vehicle. This security tech allows the owners to be well connected to their vehicles. There was obviously no need for her to engage in any physical confrontation with these suspected car thieves.

The Tesla Model 3 owner is reported to have received a notification that her vehicle’s alarm was about to be disabled at a time she was preparing to go to her workplace. In response to this, her friend rushed to where she parked the car, only to find out that the car had been stolen.

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Truthfully, everyone would have suggested she informs the police of a possible theft. Rather, Brett activated the Tesla app on her phone and found out that her car was still nearby. Since the car had not yet left the neighbourhood, she and her friend decided to track the car thieves down before getting the police involved.


The Tesla Model 3 app allows owners to modify several settings in their vehicles without being inside

She decided to fully explore the full anti-theft potential of her car by using the app to remotely alter the settings of her Tesla Model 3. Through the help of the app, she was able to get the windows lowered while honking the horn. The thieves were reportedly inside the car when she was toying with their heads via the app. While she might have pulled her A-game in using car tech to trick these criminals, some car thieves are also devising technological means to steal vehicles around the globe. Just recently, car thieves used wireless technology to steal a BMW car in the UK.

Out of utter confusion, the thieves had no choice but to abandon the vehicle and flee. Unluckily for them, one of them forgot the toolbox in the car, which reportedly contained their driver’s license, sealed in an envelope addressed to themselves. If they had been lucky enough not to leave any evidence behind, they still wouldn’t have escaped the technology of Sentry Mode on Tesla, which captured the whole incident.

Here is the Facebook video of Brett narrating her encounter with these car thieves who almost made away with her Tesla Model 3 car:

Why you don't try to steal a Tesla

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The technology fitted on this particular model made the job of the police in apprehending them quite easy. The police were able to track down the two suspects to face the music of the crime committed by them. Times are changing with the security systems installed on modern vehicles now. Owners can now rest easy and be assured that their vehicles are secured whenever they are.

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