Tesla employees say “It feels like a morgue” as workers are let go with stores getting closed


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Tesla is in a tight corner right now as their employees are saying “It feels like a morgue” as workers are let go with store getting closed. Read the gist here!

Here at Naijauto.com, we are all one big fan of the Tesla electric cars and feel so bad for the company right now as they are facing major financial and managerial challenges.

Many employees at Tesla were shocked last week when the company announced that it would be shifting all of its sales online and close most of its physical retail stores where they work.


Teslat will close its stores soon in shifting to online sales

Can you imagine someone being at work and getting such a piece of dreadful news that he/she just became jobless literally speaking?

There was even a scenario in California where one of the affected Tesla employees - a salesperson was away from the store where he was assigned at the time the announcement was made. He wasn’t aware until later in the evening of that same day when he was reading the news reports of the latest development.

A current employee when speaking under the condition of anonymity said;

"Every time there are layoffs, we are notified after the fact,"

"It's a slap in the face. We should have been notified first, we're the ones building [Elon Musk]'s empire."

This is just one among many examples of Tesla employees’ outpouring of exasperation as many of them claim that they are always left in the dark when it comes to the company’s major decisions that eventually affects their ableness to sell energy and cars to would-be customers of Tesla.


The low sales figure might be the reason for this decision

Another current employee when speaking under the condition of anonymity said;

"It's empty in here right now,"

"This is usually an upbeat place to work, but now it feels like a morgue."

The employee claims that many of the stores that work with Tesla cars have now been closed as a result of this decision especially those located in Washington D.C, New York, and California. The employee went further to explain that the stores working with Tesla energy systems will need a more hands-on approach because it can literally take over 90 days just to install their Home energy systems. The employee also said;

"You can test drive a car for seven days, but solar is a full-blown construction project,"

But even with this new Tesla’s decision, their employees that are automotive salespeople claim that they are still very much necessary for the company to continue growing. A former Tesla customer experience specialist who also left this week gave his comment by saying;

"Electric cars are too new of a concept to not have a sales force,"

"The worst feeling was opening a store and three months later closing its doors. I've never been divorced, but that’s probably the best way I could describe what I felt was happening."

The only interesting part of the whole drama right now is that all the Tesla employees including the frustrated ones were quick to point it out that they love working for the company.


Many employees have moved miles to work for Tesla

A current salesperson at Tesla even said;

"We were working really, really hard because we were doing it for something above ourselves,"

"We were doing it for Tesla and for the mission."

By our findings, we realized that most of Tesla’s workers have not only invested morally in the company’s mission but some of them have even moved thousands of miles physical distance just to work for the company and some have financially invested indirectly too.

When one of the employees was giving comments on the Tesla salespeople which he claims they pitched in many times just to deliver the cars to the customers last year, he said;

"You've got people who are working their a*ses off in jobs they weren't even hired to do,"

 "And Tesla doesn't give a sh*t-."

Tesla has declined to comment on all these issues until now.

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