Tesla teases its Cyberpunk pickup truck just after the Model Y reveal


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Just when everyone was shaking off the model Y anticipation, Tesla teases its upcoming Cyberpunk pickup truck and got people high again. Read the gist here!

Naijauto.com will like to give the nickname “master teaser” to Tesla Motors for such a well-planned and smoothly played dramatic move of teasing its upcoming Cyberpunk pickup truck shortly after the Model Y reveal.

As many are aware that last week, the long-awaited Tesla Model Y had its launch event take place. Shortly after the Model Y and just at the ending of this very event, Tesla took everyone back to the top of the “anticipation hill” by teasing an image of its coming Cyberpunk pickup truck.

Not so long after the presentation of the Model Y crossover, end credits from a movie titled “Blade Runner” was played on the screen behind the stage. Just a few frames were displayed but all dedicated to the image below;


Tesla’s Cyberpunk pickup truck teaser image

Funny enough, almost everyone missed it. This miss and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO’s comment “one more thing” all prompted a short Twitter exchange which briefly involved Elon Musk’s shoes, and later he posted this image for everyone’s scrutiny.

The connection between this coming Tesla pickup truck and the movie “Blade Runner” actually comes from the CEO’s earlier description of the styling that the pickup has which he said that the truck will have;

"really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner" looks.

In fact, he clearly expressed that the pickup truck’s aesthetics could be so different than most people might think its too futuristic for them.

This above image he released has however attracted many hypotheses from various people on the internet as they keep trying to figure out the exact angle of the vehicle that is being shown in the image. So far, the best or closest guess has only come from a Reddit forum user with the name “TheAmazingAaron”. This guy guesses that the Tesla’s logo “T” is sitting the truck’s bed cover end while the light beam runs around the bed’s end as the angle into the sides of the bed itself. If one is to consider the early sketch of this pickup that was shown at the 2017 Tesla Semi reveal, this guess giving by “TheAmazingAaron” is surely a believable one.

Tesla Model Y event in 3 minutes

But in any way, with Elon Musk has posted a tweet that this truck will be due for reveal this year, all of the current questions about the vehicle will eventually get answered together with many more to come.

The press has been made aware that this Tesla coming Cyberpunk pickup truck is actually the CEO’s favourite project so far and the pickup is expected to be big enough for conveying 6 people sitting comfortably and it will feature a load-levelling suspension as well.

Musk even mentioned as well that the battery which will be powering the standard dual motors of this coming pickup will be good for a 400 to 500 miles range or even higher. And the most interesting revelation of the pickup was in the expression that it will be;

"a pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck."

It’s currently just unimaginable looking at all these data points which are obviously of such a wide range and fitting them together into just one pickup truck with even an expected bed that will be big enough to carry another pickup on itself. Tesla definitely got everyone to rise up again in terms of anticipation.


And some has already portrayed it like this

It's such a smooth one that they pulled with the teaser thing.

But whatever it is that this coming Tesla pickup truck will look like or feel like, everyone is just preparing for it already and can’t just wait to have all their fantasies and imagination confirmed in the vehicle’s launch.

Which Tesla’s EV car Model do you love the most?

It’s possible for the coming pickup to hijack and attract all the love from the other Tesla models.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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