Take a look at the Tesla 3 Sentry mode catching thieves on camera


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A Tesla made Sentry mode recently captured thieves in the act of breaking into the car and attempting to make an escape. Click here for full story!

Sentry Mode by Tesla was rolled out recently like a month ago. A full footage was made available capturing the thieves in the act of breaking the window (rear) and making their escape. The footage that exposed those thieves was shared on a YouTube channel known as Now you know. This has made the entire world have access to the video. But the challenge with the video is the digitized face, which makes it extremely difficult to identify the crooks. So, if you are a detective trying to crack the case, you sure have a hell of a job to do.


Tesla Sentry mode senses a potential car thief from close range by making loud alarming sound

When you equip the Sentry, it stays in a state of standby. When you move suspiciously close or lean on the car, the pre-installed camera saves the footage of events captured 10 minutes before setting it off. A warning message is usually shown on the touch screen indicate the possibility of thieves around the car. When such suspected thieves now attempt to break the window, the car will automatically move it to the alarm mode by blasting out a very loud Bach noise such as the “Toccata and Fugue” at the peak volume. Finally, it sends a very fast alert from the Tesla App to the owner of that particular car at the point of being burgled.


The mode starts working when it smells a rat

What was different in this clip was the expertise of the thieves using soft method to break the window. That was the explanation for the alarm sound not coming on since the car didn’t suspect any possible break in the window. According to another report, the thieves were captured and the car that brought them to the sport. This will definitely make it for the authorities to capture them.

Tesla Enhanced Anti-theft Upgrade Demo

According to Tesla, it is very difficult to have a perfect alarm system for all sort of break in and threats. We might agree with them on that because these thieves always devise a means to find their way this security system. There is definitely room for improvement in the technology behind alarm system.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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