Terrific moment: Passenger planes averts fatal crash against other taking-off plane on the runway


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When this kind of terrific moment happen, it’s not about who is right anymore but about who is left as it often results in loss of lives.

In the light of recent tragic happenings with aircraft, including the recent helicopter crash that killed the owner of a renowned English football club, Leicester City FC., one is forced to remember instances in the not too long history, and wonder what might have happened had the terrific moment gone south.

Of particular reference for Naijauto is the scene that happened back in 2014 at a Barcelona airport where the confusion between the control tower of the airport and the traffic of landing and taking off of airplanes almost resulted in a fatal crash.


The Boeing 767 about to land when another plane taxied out for take off - what would have happened?

Reports had it that a UTair Boeing 767-300 plane, arriving at the El Prat airport in Barcelona with hundreds of passengers was about to land from Moscow, when out of the blues came a certain Airbus A340 plane, taxiing out on the same runway, and preparing to take off.

For the timely assessment of the highly experienced captain Nikolay Limarev who quickly accelerated the Boeing 767 for an emergency turn around, only heaven knows what the outcome would have been.

In a comment credited to Nikolay, whose timely act saved the lives of at least 260 passengers, he concurred that it might have been a tragic situation if the weather had not been favourable, for him to see the obstacle in time for quick action. Nikolay made this statement after he had successfully landed the aircraft and all passengers had safely alighted from the plane.


The pilot saved the day by accelerating to make a turn around before landing - phew!

In another statement also attributed to Limarev, he noted that the traffic controller had kept mute during the trying near-death experience. This confirms the unauthorised pull up of the Airbus plane as directives from ground traffic control have not cleared it. For this, the traffic controller had tender apologies.

For the other participating airplane the Airbus A340, which had naturally partaken in the chaos caused by the confused directives of the air controller, it could also have been disastrous.

What this meant to Kuzim the co-pilot of the Boeing aircraft was that they were left without any other option than to go back up into the sky, to complete another cycle of round turning. Thankfully they had gone through scenarios like this during training according to Kuzim.


Just a moment of neglect might have cost the lives of hundreds

Limarev also recounted the same experiences stating that they never waited for the air controller’s instructions before they took off to make their second round of turning which according to him took about 15 minutes after which they successfully landed the plane and discharged the passengers safely.

It was perhaps one of the worst experiences in aviation history to have ever occurred. This is according to a plane enthusiast by the name Miguel Angel, who happened to have recorded the whole scenario on camera. The video went viral almost immediately, with 8 million views within 48 hours of uploading it.

What could have been a fatal airplane crash but for a defensive thinking pilot - the hero!

Authorities of the Spanish airport instructed that an examination of this occurrence be carried out with the aim of getting to the root cause of this happening while proffering solution which will enable the abatement of such cases in the future.

Though the airport controller was said to have apologised on the radio to the captain of the Boeing 767, it might have been a condolence message but for the initiatives of the captain. Captain Limarev's action has been highly applauded by his employers UTair which is a Russian airline with operations headquartered in Siberia. Such skills, composure, and professionalism are scarce to come by in such situations. UTair also confirmed that the incident would be thoroughly investigated to restore flights' safety and passenger's confidence in the aviation transport sector.

The Air Traffic Control (ATC) had since issued an apology for the confusion in the terrific moment that may have resulted in a massive loss of lives.

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