16 year-old Nigerian teenager crushes trader with mother’s car in Lagos


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The attempt of a teenager to test-drive his mother's car has cost the life of a 50-year-old trader.

What began as a driving adventure for a young boy turned out to be a nightmare recently in Lagos. From what we learnt, one 16-year-old teenager used his mother’s car to kill a trader at the Arena Shopping Mall in Oshodi while trying to test his driving skills.


The 50-year-old trader crushed by SUV driven by the teenager in Lagos

The late female trader identified as Mrs. Tuale Iwejim was the victim of this unfortunate incident. She was crushed by the SUV on her way to procure goods for her shop. According to reports, the young boy while attempting to get hold of the car hit the 50-year-old trader twice when he reversed the car.

Immediately after the woman was hit by the SUV, she was rushed to the state’s teaching hospital where she was operated in before her death on the 4th of September, 2020.

The husband of the late Mrs. Tuale Iwejim revealed that his wife was inflicted with serious injuries as a result of the accident. He further stated that the young boy, who crushed his wife, went to the market with his mum to purchase some things. The mother however left the boy in the car to get the remaining items to the car.

The boy decided to try his driving skill when he was asked by a passerby to park well since his mother’s vehicle was obstructing the traffic. The husband of the late trader further disclosed that the boy took the car key from the mother’s bag and decided to drive the car, which went horribly wrong as it cost the life of his wife.

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From a further report, the ₦400,000 cash belonging to the crushed trader, which was said to be borrowed for the purpose of buying goods for her shop, was stolen at the point when she was being rushed from the scene to the hospital. It was gathered that the family of the victim reached an agreement to share the cost of treatment equally with the family of the teenager that drove the car.

Watch the complication of reckless teenage's driving below:

Caught On Tape: Teen Drivers Moments Before a Crash | Nightline |ABC News

Victoria Ogunleye, who happens to be the mother of the boy, appeared a few times at the hospital where the trader was rushed to, with a sum of ₦100,000 on two occasions. The vehicle used to crush the trader was taken into the custody of the Nigerian army but was said to have been released to the owner from the statement of Amos, who happens to be the son of the deceased.

The family of the boy sent representatives to have a discussion with the family of the deceased last week. The deceased family, however, demanded that the boy’s family will take care of the burial fee and also the agreed percentage of the medical bill at the hospital.

Further attempts to reach and get further information from the mother of the boy had proved abortive and the alleged release of the vehicle to the Ogunleyes is yet unclear as it was denied by the military.

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