Teen boy gets Ford Mustang car gift for cleaning U.S street alone in 10 hours


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Teenage African-American boy in the U.S gets a Ford Mustang car gift after voluntarily spending over 10 hours cleaning the streets all alone. See photos here

Fresh reports have it that a teen boy in New York recently helped clean up his neighborhood for free after some protesters turned the streets into a mess. The young boy was identified as one Antonio Gwynn and reports claim that he is just 18-years of age.


African-American teenage boy gets Ford Mustang car gift from a stranger for voluntarily cleaning his street for 10 hours

According to reports, Gwynn had earlier seen lots of videos online showing the recent riots and protests in the U.S which has lasted for 2 weeks now. As a matter of fact, we recently published a report with photos and videos showing the moment when George Floyd protesters vandalized a Mercedes showroom in the U.S. After some other young folks have vandalized and messed up Antonio Gwynn’s hometown in the New York, the teenager simply decided to clean up the mess for free.

A report by Fox23 News claims that the 18-years old boy grabbed trash bags and a broom, dashed out to the streets alone, and began cleaning it up from 2 a.m, spending roughly about 10 hours doing so. Later in the day when community members showed up to clean the area; they met the surprise of their lives seeing that Gwynn almost finished the cleanup alone. The news immediately began to spread about the Teenager’s community and one of his neighbors – Matt Block noticed.


18-year old Antonio Gwynn spends hours cleaning up his neighborhood after George Floyd protesters messed it up

Block found Gwynn’s Facebook page and saw that the teenager was recently asking for car-buying advice, so he decided to give away his red-painted 2004 Ford Mustang to the teenager to appreciate his recent effort. Below is a tweet by award-winning ESPN analyst, Dick Vitale confirming this report;

Antonio Gwynn was very happy to receive the car gift because, coincidentally, his late mother had once got him a Ford Mustang that is also the exact same color and model as the one Block gifted him. And then the story doesn’t end there; Bob Briceland who is also another neighbor of Gwynn has also provided 1 year of free vehicle insurance to the teenage boy. Similarly, the college to which Gwynn has been dreaming to attend has now offered him admission with a full scholarship.

In case you haven’t seen just how bad the recent protests have been in the United States, check out this press video below;

  George Floyd mass protests in the US: Latest developments | DW News

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