Bolt (Taxify) driver pushed girl out of moving car when she requested to pay online


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A Bolt (Taxify) driver has been accused of pushing a female passenger out of his moving car over her request to pay via online transfer. Read details and see pics below!

A Twitter user, @ifedolahpo has shared a story of her friend who was pushed out of a speeding car by the Bolt (Taxify) driver carrying her.


The bruised body of the girl that was pushed out of the moving car by the Taxify driver

Ifedolahpo accused the Taxify driver of throwing her friend out of his car because she told the driver she had no money on her and will pay for the ride via online transfer. While sharing the story on her Twitter handle, she also attached horrific pictures of the injuries her friend sustained as a result of the push.

Naijauto learned that the incident occurred in Abuja and the alleged victim has also reported the matter to the police. However, the victim was said to have been rushed to the hospital by a middle-aged man who saw the moment the Taxify driver pushed her out of the moving cab.

The female passenger who goes by the name Dorcas, sustained severe bruises on her elbow and back when she fell down on the asphalt road. Reports say the new iPhone she bought got damaged as well.

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See the thread where she narrated the incident.


Ifedolahpo called out the management of Bolt while narrating the story on Twitter


The female passenger requested to pay for her trip via online transfer

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