Bolt (Taxify) driver got killed & car stolen by unidentified riders in Lagos


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A Bolt (Formerly Taxify) driver was killed and his car stolen over the weekend by some persons who ordered his service on the Bolt app. Read the sad story!

A Lagos Bolt (Formerly Taxify) driver named Gabriel Wisdom was killed over the weekend by unidentified persons who hailed his riding service on the Bolt ride-hailing app.

Gabriel Wisdom-a-Bolt-driver-killed-in-lagos

Gabriel Wisdom was killed over the weekend by unidentified persons who hailed service on Bolt app

Reports gathered by Naijauto say the yet to be identified suspects shot Wisdom on Friday and zoomed off with the white Toyota Corolla car he was using for his taxi service. His body was found the following day at Abijo, about 4 km from Ajah, Lagos State.


Gabriel's corpse was found the following day at Abijo, Ajah Lagos State

Wisdom's friend shared the tragic incident on his Facebook wall, Kusedenva Deji. He said, Wisdom was using the car on hire purchase and looking forward to completing the payment for the car this December.

He wrote,

"Wisdom a Taxify driver was killed on Friday night by men who order for his ride. He was killed at abijo and his car taken away,

Please the public should assist to repost to make sure taxify takes up this case to investigate through SCID get the call logs and location of this guys. Its doable and a lot have done it.

Taxify need to protect her agents and also the riders because we all will be affected when drivers decline night movement or don't carry more than one person.

This is a fight for each n everyone of us. It could be anybody. Lend wisdom your voice so justice would be served.


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