Lagos taxi driver speeds off with the LASTMA official on car bonnet


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Speeding off with a LASTMA official hanging on a bonnet? This is the height of the madness of some Lagos cab drivers. Read up the story below!

If you are residing in Lagos State, you already know that Lagos is a crazy place to live in, with all manner of character in display every day. This story may sound like one of the horror movies you watched over the weekend but it happened in public glare of everyone. gathered that a taxi driver hit a LASTMA female officer while she was controlling the traffic and drove off with the female officer hanging on his car's hood. Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) official by the name, Adeyinka Seriki made the report, stating that the incident occurred in Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos.

Seriki was the female officer in question. She narrated her encounter to the press over the weekend. She said she had hung on the taxi drivers bonnet from Igbogbo garage along Ikorodu road down to Oluwanishola filling station situated at Baiyeku road.

Seriki's account as told by her.

I was at my duty post with another colleague. Usually, anytime from 4pm, traffic gets busy in the area. We were controlling traffic when the taxi driver came and parked in the middle of the road. He caused gridlock. We told him to leave, but he refused. I tried to rebuke him and let him know that what he was doing was bad, but he sped off. He hit me with the car and I fell on the bonnet (hood).

If I had not fallen on the bonnet, the car would have crushed me. When I fell on the bonnet, instead of him to wait, he moved on with a high speed. I struggled to hold to something on the bonnet; he still drove on high speed and was swerving, trying to throw me down, but I held on to something. While the car was moving, people were trying to stop him, but he sped on and no one could stop him. Even when a trailer was coming, he tried to swerve me to the trailer so that I would fall off from the bonnet, but I thank God that I did not fall. I held the bonnet tightly. An eyewitness, who drove behind, later overtook him and he stopped at Oluwanishola Filling Station on Baiyeku Road

According to her, the horrible experience has left her hand hurting. She also had her knee bruised as it's the spot the car hit her and a dislocation on her shoulder too.This taxi driver is definitely in for LASTMA sting.


The taxi driver hits the LASTMA official then speeds off, leaving her on the car bonnet

She said further,

I’m now receiving treatment.  It should not be when LASTMA officials are killed that the matter should be taken up. This taxi driver should pay for what he has done. It is sheer wickedness. He is like a murderer, he should face the consequences of what he has done.

A security expert, Oyeyemi Akieu, who witnessed the incident while on his way home said,

I was going home that day. When I got to Igbogbo garage, there was traffic jam. The LASTMA officials tried to clear it. As I moved forward, I saw that people were putting their hands on their heads and shouting, ‘do you want to kill her.’ I looked ahead of me to see what was happening, and then I saw three vehicles ahead of me. I saw a LASTMA official, a woman, on top of the bonnet of a moving vehicle. The driver did not wait for her to come down. She was shouting ‘will you stop, I must not fall, let me come down’, but the driver was just swerving the car as if he wanted to throw her on the path of an oncoming vehicle

This made me to bring out my phone and I recorded the incident, which lasted for about five minutes, covering about 500 metres.

I overtook the cars ahead of me. I overtook the taxi driver and stopped in front of his car near a filling station. So he had no choice but to stop. Immediately he did, commercial motorcyclists (okada riders) and passersby, who witnessed the incident, ran towards him. Later, other LASTMA officials and the Police Mobile Force (MOPOL) came around.

For this to have happened shows the kind of person the driver is. How can a man leave a woman on the bonnet of a moving car? The bonnet would be hot because the car was moving. The man could have killed the LASTMA official.

Mr. Kayode Odunuga, who is Head of Zone 33 for Ogolonto, Ikorodu told he received a distress call around after 7 pm, from Seriki and her fellow worker, asking for assistance.

Here's what he said.

We urgently called the attention of the commander of Mobile Unit 63 Igbogbo, and three armed men were deployed, who traced our officials to the incident scene. The vehicle was recovered, but the driver bolted. The vehicle was taken to Igbogbo Police Station.

We learnt the driver lives in the area. He fled when he sighted the police.

This taxi driver is out for something else

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