Africans hero! Taxi driver returns iPad & MacBook to lady that forgot them in his car


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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A lady just shared a true story of how an honest taxi driver returned her iPad and MacBook laptop that she forgot inside his car. See the man here!

Naijauto recently came across a touching Facebook post of a certain lady, Caroline Ziedeng, who narrated how one Maxwell Adu – a Ghanaian taxi driver based in Accra melted her heart by returning an expensive iPad and Macbook laptop that she forgot in his car.


Meet Maxwell Adu, the honest Ghanaian taxi driver that returned expensive items forgotten in his car

Source: @Caroline Ziedeng (Facebook)

According to Caroline Ziedeng’s narration, her own private car had a flat tire, which made her hire the taxi as a means of reaching home as it was getting late. But she realized she had forgotten sme items a few moments after she entered her house and the hired taxi was gone.

Caroline claimed that she tried locating the driver but to no avail so, she dropped her phone number with an associate as a means of contacting her if her items were ever found. To her greatest surprise, later that same night, the associate called her to inform her that the taxi driver had been trying to reach her in order to return her forgotten items.

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Read the full story below from Caroline Ziedeng’s original Facebook post;


This man here has restored my faith in humanity. Three days ago I had a flat tyre around the Woolworth traffic light in...

Posted by Caroline Ziedeng on Friday, 11 October 2019

This Ghanaian taxi driver could have wickedly sold those expensive items with an excuse of being poorer than the owner but he did not. This is a good example for all taxi drivers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole because no one is too poor to do good unto others.

Humanity is never about money but about “love” for other humans regardless of their race and financial status.

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