Ebonyi Police arrests task force members for allegedly brutalizing keke rider


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Ebonyi task force officials linked to the brutality of the keke operator in the state have been arrested recently by the police, for taking law into their hands.

It seems brutality of innocent people is fast becoming the order of the day in this year 2020 when the novel virus has already done a lot of damage.

It gets pretty disturbing when people charged with the responsibility of maintaining public sanity are taking laws into their hands. Just recently, we reported a case when LASTMA officers were made to face the “music” for breaking COVID-19 health guidelines and here's another sad story.


The suspected task force officials involved in the brutality of the tricycle operator have been arrested by the police

From the new report getting to us, the Ebonyi State Police has apprehended 2 task force officials from the state for allegedly brutalizing one called Mike Obasi, who happens to be a keke operator.

From what we gathered, the tricycle rider was assaulted by one suspected task force official known as 2Face, at Margaret Umahi International Market, for allegedly parking at a wrong spot. Obasi decided to offer the task force officials ₦300, who requested for a sum of ₦1000.

The Keke rider was stopped by the task force official after picking up another female passenger going towards the Motherless Babies’ Home. The father of five’s encounter with the men from the state’s task force obviously didn’t end well as he was allegedly brutalized during the process.

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The Keke rider is presently lying on the hospital bed in serious pain while using a pipe to pass out his urine. He revealed how he was beaten to a pulp by 3 men, who reportedly alighted from a white-colored Hummer bus. From what he said, he was pushed out of his tricycle when he couldn’t provide the ₦1000 demanded from him by the task force officials for wrong parking.

He further said:

“As I was begging them with N300, they pushed me out of my Keke and started beating me. I don’t know what they hit on my back and I fell down.”

“Later, I saw myself in the hospital with the same people, who attacked me in the market, claiming to be the ones who rescued me. One of them offered me N5,000 to leave the hospital, but I was not able to move my body.”

The arrest of these two suspects connected to the brutality has been confirmed by DSP Loveth Odah, who is the state’s police spokesperson.

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