Buildings & shops destroyed in a tanker explosion in Onitsha


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According to report from FRSC, six buildings and shops have been burnt to the ground in a tanker explosion in Onitsha. Check details of the accident here!

A report just reached us on Naijauto about an unfortunate fire incident that occurred on Wednesday in Onitsha, claiming no less than 6 buildings and shops. This happened exactly at Upper Iweka along Onitsha/Iweka Road when a 13,000-liter diesel tanker caught fire after falling.


The incident caused by the diesel tanker will linger in the memories of all affected people and eye witnesses

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Information about this fire explosion was revealed to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) by Mr. Andrew Kumapayi, who happens to be the Sector Commander of the Anambra command of FRSC, in Akwa.

According to him, this fire incident took place by 12.44 p.m. The commander disclosed that the swift intervention of the officials from the Fire Service could not quench the raging fire. This was attributed to the ill condition of their water pump.


Not less than six buildings and shops were affected by the tanker explosion in Onitsha

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Kumapayi said:

“The tanker lost control due to brake failure, the head of the vehicle pulled out while the tank containing Diesel fell into the gutter spilling its content on the road and caught fire due to the spill.

“The fire spread through the gutter and affected about six houses on the road and shops in Ochanja Market.
“No life was lost and no other vehicle was affected.

“The fire service got there on time but their pump developed a fault, they left the scene to fix the pump and restrategise.

“If the pump had functioned, the fire wouldn’t have spread to the houses and shops,”

The commander also acknowledged the efforts of the police and FRSC officials, who were readily available to restore sanity and ensure free flow of traffic. However, according to some other sources, a mother with her child has been burnt in the explosion.

Naijauto will update you with the latest development of this incident if have.

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