Story of Takumi Masters, who build Lexus with their own hands


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Lexus is set to release a 60,000-hour documentary on how Lexus cars are being produced, featuring Takumi Masters - skillful craftsmen of the brand. Click to know details!

If you have been wondering how these cars you see on the road are being produced. Don’t worry, the mystery is all about to be over with this incredible 60,000-hour tutorial video launched by Lexus, a subsidiary of a Japanese giant automaker, Toyota. This long video will teach you what is needed for a Takumi Master to make a car. When you take a peep at the Lexus website on craftsmanship and Takuma living, this is what you will see:

It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert but 60,000 hours to become a Takumi Master. Those were the exact words that you would see on the Lexus website about craftsmanship and Takumi living.

This shows the special tribute and acknowledgment by Lexus to these people who have put time, effort, and non-relenting dedication to craftsmanship. These are people who make things by their hands. Takumi when translated to English means “artisan”.

In the documentary that will soon be made available to people on 19th of March, this year by Lexus, will show the 60,000 hours of video on the biographies of four Takumi Master craftsmen and their remarkable efforts and repetition of efforts without taking a short cut. The essence of this video is to examine to what extent human craftsmanship will survive in this period of artificial intelligence.

Check out some of the pictures from the 60,000-hour documentary about Takumi Craftsmen!



How a Lexus is built with the hands of Takumi Master


And this is the product of 60,000 hour practicing!

The full documentary will be titled “Akumi: A 60,000-Hour Story on the Survival of Human Craft” and will be directed by Clay Jeter. The four Takumi experts that would be featured in this film include an automotive craftsman, a double Michelin starred chef, a traditional paper cutting artist, and a carpenter from one of the oldest construction firms in the world.

This video will be released through a specially designed Lexus website for that purchase. It will also contain loops highlighting stages of how these Takumi Masters exhibited their skills. Don’t feed bad yet considering the cost of data bundle as Lexus will also release 54-minute version, which is a summary of the 60,000 hours. This you can download via popular download sites in your country.

Lexus vehicles assembly plant factory

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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