This upside-down Camaro upsets Homeowner’s Association


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What are the odds of seeing something like this on your everyday routine?

Have you ever come across such a weird vehicle? Do you feel this car has some kind of weird and at the same time annoying look? In fact, it's so annoying that the owner of this car was complained by the Homeowner Association and was asked to "do something" with it.

His name was Jeff Bloch and this was not the first time he manufactured such an uncanny creation. He once modified cars that resemble a combat helicopter, a commercial plane and even a station wagon. This time, he came up with yet another ridiculous idea- a car that looks like it was placed upside down!

the upside-down Camaro on the road

the upside-down Camaro from all angles

This odd-looking car has brought attention from the Homeowner Association

Back to the home association, this authority body was so worked up with his idea, they sent a complaint letter to the owner, citing a legal document to force him to take it out of the driveway in less than 15 days or else "some measures" will be taken and his car might be confiscated. The content of the legal documents states that any parking area, whether private or public, need not have any cars that are not intended for traveling purpose. They said that they came to this conclusion based on the upside-down structure of the car.

Not only it can drive normally on the road, it could actually compete in car racing events

The thing here is that, despite its somewhat ridiculous appearance, his car is a fully functional vehicle. It is wheeled and can be able to drive on the road just like many other vehicles. It has actually been taken onto the roads countless times. In fact, the car was so fascinating that it was borrowed by a racer to bring it to a racing event.

Another fun fact about the car. Its inverted bodywork is a Camaro, but inside the engine and the frame belongs to a Ford Festiva. It meets all the requirements of the state of California about the emission level and also amongst a small number of vehicles from LeMons league that's qualified to run on the road.

Needless to say, he did not back down from the request from Homeowner Association given how qualified his car is. But he also did not want any unnecessary conflict with the authority so he would process to record a video showing that he's driving this very car as proof that this car is fully functional and can be able to drive just like any other vehicle.

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