Take a glance at these 10 intriguing facts about the famous Audi


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Do you really know everything about the Audi already? Check this post to see your answer.

Deeming themselves the main competitor of the BMW, Audi is one of the most prestigious brands in the auto world. Underneath the simplistic logo with 4 rings are impressive stories and, well, 10 facts on everything about the Audi, which Naijauto.com has gathered here for our beloved readers to check out.

1. What does Audi mean?

First off, we have to trace back to the home country of Audi, Germany. Also look at the name of the founder of Audi, Horch, which means "Listen" in German language and that translate to "Audi" in Latin.

Audi badge

"Audi" means "Listen" in Latin language

2. Their logo message

The company wasn't founded as Audi in the beginning, it was the result of merging 4 different companies, and was named Auto Union earlier. Four rings have appeared since then. To this day, it's funny there are still a lot of people mistake this with the Olympic's symbol.

Audi four-ring logo

The Audi brand was actually the combination of 4 smaller brands

3. The origin of the left-hand drive

The idea of putting the steering wheel on the left was actually Audi's when they introduced its first left-hand model in 1921. Through times, the idea's become more popular with Germans and gradually turned into the industry's standard.

4. Its first tragedy

Because of the nature of the car manufacturing facilities, they were turned into warfare bases during the World War II. Needless to say, important bases like this were main targets for the opposing force, especially the Russians. Most of their facilities were burnt down and bombed to the ground. Luckily, they survived and thrived until today.

AUDI RS Series - Evolution From 1994-2018

5. Its real owner

If it were not for Volkswagen, Audi wouldn't have been on American's market today. However, before being put under Volkswagen's ownership, Audi belonged to the Daimler-Benz company.

6. The originator of crash tests

We don't know why Audi came up with this idea, maybe due to their wholeheartedness to their customers. The first test was arranged in 1938 and to this day it became the standard for the whole industry.

an Audi car in a crash test

The standard car crash test was invented by Audi

7. Its first production partner

This might be one of the trademarks of the German's carmakers when Porsche and Audi participated in a joint project, and the result was the first Audi RS. This kind of cooperation is not seen anywhere else in the world.

8. Lawsuits with the logo

As mentioned before, some people think that the 4 rings of Audi resemble the symbol of the Olympic, and that's not wrong. It looks so alike that The Olympics committee once sued Audi for it. Audi came out on top in the end.

the logo of the olympic and the logo of Audi

Audi's logo resembles the Olympic's so much that they had to bring it to the courthouse

9. The tipping-point sponsor

Many car makers try to make it to the front page by sponsoring sports teams and Audi picked the right moment, and the right team, too, when it decided to put its money on the infamous Yankees of New York. The brand has taken a big leap since then.

10. The origin of the name Quattro

Positioned in a "serious" brand, Audi struggled a lot to get its hands to other sectors of the market until it birthed the name "Quattro" and positioned"Audi Quattro" in a more fresh and young brand.

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