The $2m Commander 8X8 Super-Truck Motor-home looks like a mansion!


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You've not seen anything like this yet, a super truck motor-home worth $2 million with sophisticated furniture and interior design. Check its photos below!

There are really somethings that are just so cool but sometimes difficult to explain. One of such is this $2 million Commander 8X8 All-Wheel-Drive 2 Storey High Truck, which offers some the best level of Luxury you'll probably find in some mansions.

As weird as it sounds, it is a Truck and a Big one for that, which rolls around on 8 wheels. A certain Australian family asked the Company SLRV (An Australian company famed for its production of 4X4 Expedition vehicles built to conquer all terrains) to build them a super Off-Roading Caravan that was large enough, as well as self-sufficient even when it's in No-Mans-Land. This request thus leads to a design and development project that birthed "The Commander 8X8".

How about we take a detailed tour and explore the features of this 8 wheeled beast !!!

Walkaround Tour of SLRV Commander 8x8 2 storey

Features of The Commander 8X8 Motor-home

  • Body Construction

Composite Fibreglass is extensively utilized in the construction the Commander 8X8, along with Steel and Aluminium. The body is carefully designed using Solid Works before composite fibreglass panels 60 mm in dimension are used in building the body. The windows are gas filled, duoble glazed recess windows that help maintain the energy efficiency of the Commander. The Commander 8X8 comes with a solid lift up roof design which spreads out to create the second storey.


The Commander 8X8 comes with a solid lift up roof design

  • Interior Design

The interior of the Commander 8X8 is tastefully furnished and carefully partitioned so much so that the interior is just as roomy and comfy. Some configuration of the Commander 8X8 comes in single storey or two storey as requested by the customer. But the in question here comes in the double storey configuration where the second floor is designed to accommodate 6-bed spaces. The lower floor has a roomy lounge that can accommodate 8-10 persons, a sized Kitchen a masters bed and an electric lift-up secondary bed for guests. 



The Commander 8X8 interior is Exquisitely designed and finished 

The interior is treated with exquisite cabinetry, top-notch finishing, quality lounge cushion and premium leather materials with hard top surfaces all around. The Bathroom comes in different configurations with options for a separated toilet and bathroom and single bathroom to fit. 

Lift-up secondary bed spaceBeds

The Commander offers enough Bed space for 8 Persons

  • Engine and Chassis

Under the Hood of the Commander is a 12.5 Liter, In-Line 6 cylinder Diesel engine that pumps out a good 480 hp and 1696 lb-ft of torque with about 1000 Liter fuel tank to match. This engine is accompanied by a 12-speed transmission that can be fingertip adjusted to either an automatic or a heavy-duty Manual transmission depending on the condition of the road. This transmission system comes with a two-speed transfer case which helps optimize the offroad performance of the Commander 8X8 by systematically balancing the rotational needs of the front and rear planetary axles. The MAN TGS is built with four Locking Differentials which makes sure the Commander will experience little difficulty on rugged terrains. 

The Commander comes on a MAN TGS truck with an 8X8 drivetrain and is expertly mounted to the MAN truck by a four-point torsion-free system which allows the trucks Chassis to twist and bend independently with relation to the payload on it. This surely allows the Commander 8X8 to perform excellently when in difficult terrain. The front and rear suspensions are built for the tough terrains. The front suspension is two 8,000kg load parabolic springs while the rear suspensions are  MAN stabilizers and multi-leaf springs.

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  • Water System

The Commander 8X8 comes with a carefully thought-out and designed water system that ensures efficient water usage and trip round water supply. Remember, the Commander was commissioned by the family for an adventurous expedition all through Australia's wilderness and drylands, so water is something of serious concern to the family as well as SLRV the Commanders manufacturers. To ensure adequate water supply, there are separate water tanks or Cells designated for different purposes. For instance, there are cells or water tanks designated for drinking water, Toilet and Bathroom water etc. This system makes sure the (500 - 1000) Liters of water is efficiently managed.

The water system comes with the Thirsty Boy, a dedicated system with its own power supply and pump for drawing up water from available sources other than the Commanders internal tanks. If the Commander gets to an area where it can access city water supply or a creek or a river, the Thirsty Boy will help it refill the Commanders Tanks and maybe Bypass the internal water supply such that such external sources are utilized.

So since water can be drawn from external sources it must be purified for use, that's why the Commanders water system comes with a purification and filtration system that utilizes reverse osmosis technique to ensure the water is safe for drinking and use. 

  • Power Supply System

The request of the family is for their super Caravan to be self-sufficient for the duration of their adventure or at the least for an extended time period until when it can be refilled. SLRV was then tasked with the job of providing a power system that was going to meet the self sufficiency need of the family of 8 while the voyaged across Australia's wilderness and areas lacking electricity supply. SLRV came up with a system that includes MasterVolt Lithium Battery system, 48 Volt solar power system, a 9.5kVA alternator, and a backup power generator. The 9.5kVA alternator utilizes the diesel engines power to charge the MasterVolt Lithium Batteries, which can be completely charged from 0 charge to 100% in just 4 hours.

The Solar Panels spread over the Commanders roof line also helps in charging the on-board Batteries using a 48 Volts electric system. In a situation where there is a need for a backup source of power for charging the batteries or running other high energy demand appliances, a backup generator comes with the commander which can be utilised as the need may be. The generator type will depend on the preference of the family.

Appliances On-Board the Commander 8X8 Motor-home

To make sure the family enjoys their long trip, several appliances are added to the Commander. The following list highlights the appliances made available;

  1. Drawer freezer or Under bench Fridge
  2. Samsung Microwave and ovens
  3. Washing Machine
  4. Diesel cooktop
  5. Airconditioning and Room Heaters


The SLRV Commander 8X8 comes with a Washing Machine

So if you need to make a long trip to Obudu Range Resort Cross River State or the Mambilla Plateau and Gembu Resort in Taraba state then you must need an off-road Motor-Home like the Commander 8X8. If you're the type that enjoys cross border touring then you've got a worthy companion in the SLRV Commander 8X8. 

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