Famous stretched Range Rover SUV of Mike Tyson is now up for sale at just ₦11.3million


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Believe it or not, the very famous stretched Range Rover SUV owned by the Boxing superstar, Mike Tyson is now on sale for just ₦11.3million.


This stretched Range Rovers had been owned by Sultan of Brunei before Mike Tyson got it

It is almost impossible going down memory lane of Boxing history without mentioning the legendary Mike Tyson. The now 53-yrs old American that still holds the world record for being the youngest boxer in history to ever win a heavyweight title in Boxing.

It is worth mentioning that this same SUV was originally purchased by the Sultan of Brunei. Yes, it is the rich Sultan who owns the world's largest car collection of more than 5000 cars you might have heard of.

Also, before the popular hit fight against Lou Savarese in the year 2000, Mike Tyson travelled around the city of Glasglow in Scotland with this same SUV and many of his fans admired it so much.

You can watch a short video below that captures the winning moment of this popular year 2000 hit fight:

  Mike Tyson KOs Lou Savarese This Day June 24, 2000

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New reports have it that the popular stretched Range Rover is now up for sale at just ₦11.3million (£24,000) according to the Daily Star UK. In the reports, Joe Watts – a specialist in classic cars at the Silver-stone Auctions said;

"It took a lot of money to create this - about £135,000 - and now it is possible. "It was created by the go-to guys at the time who specialized in Range Rover conversions, so it has been professionally created and has since been very well looked after,''

Many boxing fans have also been posting pictures of this famous SUV on social media. Below is one such post;

So, would you buy this historical Range Rover Limo for ₦11.3million?

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