See the moment a strange woman mistakenly drove her MINI onto a race circuit


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A 29 year-old female driver of a Mini Cooper identified as Renata Monti was spotted on the racing circuit meant exclusively for Mercedes model. See why!

The incident might seem hilarious to a lot of people considering the race was ongoing at the time when the woman drove her MINI onto the Interlagos circuit recently in Brazil. This particular incident occurred in the heat of the Sao Paulo Automobile Championship race during the weekend.


The moment Mini Cooper suddenly appeared on the Interlagos circuit in Brazil

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The race was reported to be only meant for Mercedes-Benz cars. It wouldn’t have been out of order to feel a bit shocked when you see a Mini Cooper in such an exclusive circuit. The race officials had to deploy their safety car when they sighted this strange car interfering with the race.

The 29-year-old female driver of this Mini identified as Renata Monti disclosed in an interview recently with UOL, a Brazilian publication, on how she was participating in a racing event at a drag strip close to where the championship was taking place. From her revelation, she got lost in the race and found herself on another race track without her knowledge.


The 29-year-old Renata Monti that drove her MINI onto the circuit while the racing was ongoing

Meanwhile, just like men, women are also known for pulling some crazy car stunts. A Polish lady was captured recently when she did a split with each leg on the bonnets of separate cars.

Here is the video capturing the moment the Mini Cooper showed up on the Sao Paulo Championship circuit in Brazil:

Motorista com Mini Cooper invade Interlagos durante Copa Mercedes

Monti revealed she went to the racing event with her boyfriend to show support to two of their friends participating in the event. Unfortunately, one of the cars belonging to their friends broke down which disqualified him from taking part in the drag race. She decided to participate in the race after she saw 2 female drivers at the track despite being a male-dominated event. When she found herself on the Sao Paulo Championship Racing circuit, she asked to be taken back to the event she was supposed to be in. She was taken back to the pitlane where she could easily find her way back.

As we speak, the Sao Paulo Automobile Federation does not consider this to be just a mere coincidence. They have released a statement confirming the ongoing investigation prior to this strange incident.

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