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11 strange driving laws from around the world


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The rules surrounding driving in Nigeria might seem stiff but when those of some countries are weird! See 11 strange driving laws from around the world

In Nigeria, the most we know about road usage laws are - don't drink and drive, use your seat belt and don't drive without a license. In many other countries around the world, they have extra rules that might sound ridiculous but are strictly adhered to by their residents and road users. Disobeying these laws come with heavy fines and even possible bans. To get you prepared for when you travel to some foreign countries, here are 12 strange driving laws from around the world, collected by Naijauto.com! A lot of them will shock you!

1. You can't splash water on pedestrians in Japan

It's courtesy not to splash water on pedestrians or even other cars. But in Japan, it's actually illegal. It comes with penalties. Whether it's water from the rain, puddle, mud on the road side or a minor road spill, the Japanese road law forbids a driver from splashing any on another road user.


It's illegal for a car to splash water onto pedestrians in Japan

2. You can't stop for a pedestrian in China

When a pedestrian is about crossing the road, many drivers slow down or even come to a halt for them to get to the other side. In China, it's illegal to stop for a pedestrian. So imagine being taken to court for causing traffic on a busy Shanghai road, simply because you stopped for a pedestrian. Funny, right? Well, not to the Chinese!

3. Animals have the right of way in South Africa

You might have seen lots of trending videos online where cars stop for elephants and lions to cross the road in southern Africa. Well the law gives them the same rights as drivers. So if you see a goat about to cross the road in Freetown, let them. If you run over them, you would find out there's nothing really free about the town.


These rhinos are also legal road users, just like our drivers!

4. There's no speed limit on the autobahn in Germany

The autobahn in Germany is like a special kind of expressway. You can drive through and not be stopped for exceeding any speed limit. In fact, it's believed that if your car runs out of gas on the autobahn and another vehicle hits yours, you'll be considered the offender. Therefore, stopping, braking or having a car breakdown there is illegal.

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5. You can't travel without a shirt in Thailand

A lot of drivers and passengers (male especially) take off their tops when traveling in hot weather. The heat wave can get really serious and cause you to go topless. Well, you will be slammed some heavy fines if you attempt that in Thailand. No matter how hot the weather is, your best bet is to get off the vehicle and find a shed to rest for a while before continuing your journey.

Alaska is one place where it seems snow falls all year round. This means there are numerous sledding dogs. A lot of people tie their dogs to the top of their vehicle either for the fun of it or to convey the animals easily. It's illegal to do that in Alaska.

7. It is illegal to drive a dirty car in Russia

Russia should probably get an award for cleanest people or cleanest country. There's a law that forbids car owners to drive their cars unwashed. In fact the police can pull you over and give you a fine to pay for driving a dirty car. This law will definitely be needed in Nigeria someday.


Guess this artistic dirty car will also be fined in Russia!

8. You can drink and drive in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, you're allowed to drink and drive. Just make sure the DUI checker doesn't say that you have passed the permitted 0.75% level. In as much as this is a fun fact, we won't advice you to that - at least for your own safety.

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9. You must drive with your headlamps on, always in Sweden

In Sweden, your car headlamps must be on while driving at all times, come rain and shine. People usually thought that the idea was to make a car visible when the weather conditions are horrible, but since the weather is unpredictable, it has become law that your lights should stay on once you hit the road.


Even in the broad daylight, you must keep your headlights on in Sweden

10. You can't drive barefoot in Spain

Many drivers learnt how to drive barefoot. This has been ingrained in them, and they maintained same style as professionals. If you're one of such drivers, note that it's illegal to do that in Spain. Not like every body gets stopped at a checkpoint and asked to show their feet, but once you're caught, be ready to pay some serious fines.

11. It's illegal to take your hands off the wheel in Cyprus

Driving with both hands is safe. But many drivers seem to have mastered the art of one hand and no hands driving. Apparently it's illegal to take your hands off the steering wheel. It comes with certain penalties you definitely won't like.

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Kennedy Ilediagu