Stolen Tesla Model S was found floating on river with bag of onions inside


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One stolen Tesla model has been found in a rather weird situation: in a river, but not at the bottom, it was actually floating around! See the interesting story below!

It was unclear how this Tesla was stolen, but it certainly did not go to the robbers' plan!

Stolen Tesla Model S was found floating with a bag of onions

In theory, smart electric vehicles from Tesla are almost never stolen due to its advanced GPS tracking system that's always on. Of course, from time to time, there are still some pros who managed to do just that. Last year, a stolen 2016 Tesla Model S was mysteriously found in a river at British Columbia, Canada.


Tesla Model S was found in a rather strange location, floating around

According to the local police officer Holly Largy, the stolen car belongs to a man at Burnaby, British Columbia. It was found by a boatman on the Fraser River. The report from the local press was rather strange though: "The boatman helps the police recover a big bag of onions floating out from the inside out the car".

The main object of our topic is, indeed, not the bag of onion. The car was found in the middle of the river, which raised some questions as the robbers couldn't possibly drive the car to the point where it was found. Therefore, they speculate that they actually drove it onto a tiltable bridge and let it slowly drift into the river. The car then floated a long distance to the downstream of the river

Previously, a Tesla Model S was seen floating on the water. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said that the Model S "has the ability to float like a boat for a short time" with the thrust generated from the spinning of the wheel. Of course, the billionaire did not actually advise people to turn their Teslas into boats.


Though it can float for a short while, letting your car in the river is, well, not recommended!

Possible reasons behind the car and bag of onions

It is unclear how the Tesla Model S, in this case, was stolen. It was speculated that, after stealing the car, the robbers found out that a Tesla can be found and tracked by GPS, but did not know how to turn off the tracking system. Instead of leaving the car in the middle of nowhere, they decided to destroy the evidence

They bought a large bag of onions and used its weight to press the accelerator pedal, which eventually lead the car into the river. However, what they didn't expect was the Tesla Model S is capable of floating like a boat and floating away instead of sinking into the river.

Of course, this is not the only Tesla that ever got stolen. Another Tesla was also stolen from the Los Angeles airport and found after a car owner's lawyer guided the police with a phone application. In addition, there was a series of Tesla thefts reported in Europe and police were incapable of finding them. This has encouraged Tesla to develop a new software update to prevent further cases of theft after they believe the hacker accessed the car by hacking the key fob signal.

You can watch the report on this rather strange case here

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