Stolen Lamborghini from Switzerland found in Ghana with a Lagos plate number


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You need to read the story behind this Lamborghini that was reported stolen in Switzerland but now found in Ghana with a Lagos plate number. See it here!

Naijauto found a recent viral report of a particular vehicle rental company, Luxury Rental Benelux, claiming to have found a Lamborghini car with a Lagos plate number in Ghana. The queer thing is that the car was reported stolen in Switzerland.


This is the Lamborghini that luxuryrentalbenelux claims was spotted in Ghana but stolen from Switzerland

This vehicle rental company used a username @luxuryrentalbenelux to share a post on Instagram in which it claims that the spotted Lamborghini belongs to a friend and was rented sometimes in June this year at Zurich in Switzerland.

According to this rental company, the Lambo you see above was recently spotted in Ghana with an obviously customized Nigerian (Lagos) plate Number that reads “Chosen 1” on it.

This rental company is now even promising a ₦4million (€10,000) cash reward for anyone that can provide them about where the Lambo car is and how to locate it now.

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Still, on the same story, two new reports have also surfaced online - one reveals the Lambo's original owner name, plate number as well as the particular model of the car while the other reveals conversations between the Ghanaian that posted the Lambo’s photo and luxuryrentalbenelux.

No one can tell for now the complete story, but as soon as we get full updates, we will publish them here.

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