See this! A man from Utako village attempts to steal car from the police station


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A resident of Utako village, Adamu was docked in Abuja for allegedly attempting to steal a car from the police station.

It seems pretty hilarious that someone could attempt to steal a car from the police station for that matter without the fear of being arrested or severely punished by officers on duty. Sharp guy! Naija no dey carry last. This man, Adamu who is a resident of Utako village, Abuja was arraigned at the Karmo Area 1 court, Abuja for allegedly stealing his own vehicle after it was impounded at the checkpoint.

We were made to understand by the prosecuting counsel, Mrs. Ijeoma Ukagha that the supposed man was asked for his driver license at the police checkpoint which he could not provide. This made the officers at the security checkpoint to hold his car to ransom and took it to the station. Man, possibly frustrated resorted to illegal means of taking the car off the station and was later re-arrested and charged to court for theft.

Adamu upon arrival to the court, admitted to all the charges, pleaded for leniency and swore never to do that again. His crime could be classified under the section 288 of the penal code as stated by the prosecuted.

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You will be arrested if found attempting to steal your impounded vehicle

The magistrate on bench for that case, Justice Alhaji Inuwa Maiwada after listening to both sides, decided to pass judgment by ordering the police station to release his car and the man was discharged of all allegations. The judge also warned him to desist from such behaviour in the future as the court might not be merciful to him that time. He was asked to sign a bond of good behaviour.

As we speak right here on Naijauto, the man is cruising round the town with his car as a free man.

Video: Failed attempt to steal bike from police station

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