FRSC: Stay away from "driving under influence" as Ember months draw near


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As festive months approach, FRSC issues a new warning to Nigerian motorists urging them to desist from driving after taking intoxicating substances.

The Ogun State FRSC command has issued out a new warning to all motorists in the state and Nigeria at large as the festive “Ember” months approach.

The Ogun FRSC in its new warning urges motorists to avoid driving their vehicles while under the influence of any intoxicating substance like alcohol or drugs which usually leads to increased crashes during the festive “ember” months.


Ogun FRSC warns Nigerian motorists to desist from driving while under the influence of intoxicating substances during “Ember” months

Mr. Ahmed Umar, the Sector Commander of the Ogun State FRSC gave the new warning during his recent press interview with NaN (News Agency of Nigeria) on Monday, August 17th, 2020 in Ota.

The Commander urged Ogun state motorists to ensure they have valid driver’s licenses and also keep their vehicles in good condition before hitting the road during the rush hours of the coming “ember” months.

According to press reports, Mr. Ahmed Umar said that the Ogun State FRSC command enjoins motorists within the state to make sure their vehicles at all times have properly functioning car tyres, brake light, rear light, and wipers.

He stated that keeping a check on such car parts will help reduce road mishaps that usually occur during the festive seasons. He also implored Ogun drivers to desist from unnecessary over-speeding which is one of the main causes of recorded deaths in crashes that occur during festive seasons.

Aside from that, Mr. Umar also warned all motorists that regularly flout traffic regulations and rules to escape FRSC officials; he says the agency is very much on the lookout for such offenders.

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Do you want to know about some car-related facts about “Ember months” in Nigeria? Watch this road safety campaign video below from a few years back;


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