First state-owned car assembly plant will open soon and here are things you don't know!


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Check out photos and interesting facts about the car assembly and manufacturing plant that is currently being set up in Akwa Ibom by the state government.

In case you haven’t heard, Akwa Ibom could soon become the very first state in Nigeria to own a car assembly/manufacturing plant that is run by the state Government. Yes, reports relating to the Akwa Ibom plant project recently surfaced right after Ondo State similarly launched a truck assembly plant as well a few months back.

Sources claim that the government of Akwa Ibom is already inspecting the site for the car manufacturing plant project with few deliveries already being made to set up the infrastructure.


Akwa Ibom state government is establishing a State-owned car assembly/manufacturing plant to solve unemployment problems

According to reports, this car manufacturing plant project was inaugurated back in 2015 by Governor Udom Emmanuel as part of the state government’s effort to eradicate unemployment in the state. Reports claim that Mr. Valentino Okorie, the CEO of the car manufacturing factory confirmed that the company has also partnered with the popular Israeli Company – Merkavin Automobile Technologies.


More photos of the new car manufacturing factory currently under construction in Akwa Ibom state

Interesting Facts about the new car manufacturing factory in Akwa Ibom

Apart from the good news that the factory is expected to begin operations in a few months from now, below are some other amazing facts that many people haven't known about the company;

  • It is located in the Ikot Ukap part of Itam in the popular Itu LGA, Akwa Ibom State
  • The auto manufacturing plant is currently being constructed by the MIMSHAC and Merkavin Transportation Tech company.
  • The factory is expected to produce medium and long commercial buses, private vehicles, fire-fighting trucks, and waste disposal trucks among other types of vehicles.
  • The entire physical infrastructure of the factory will be prefabricated.
  • Majority of the factory’s materials will be designed primarily in Israel but shipped to the Akwa Ibom site for coupling or assembly.
  • Workers in the factory will work based on 2 shifts which in total will be just 7 hours every day.
  • The government targets that the factory should be able to employ more than 1000 people both indirectly and directly.

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Meanwhile, the Anambra-based Innoson vehicle manufacturing plant seems to be doing pretty well despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on Nigeria’s economy. Take a tour around the Innoson factory by watching the video below;

Inside Innoson Motor Manufacturing Plant Nnewi Nigeria - World's First Black-Owned Car Manufacturer

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