Spoilers on a car: what are their purposes & advantages?


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Does your car have a spoiler at the front and back? Do you know what it does? Check the meaning and advantages of a spoiler here!

A spoiler is a car component that is fitted on various kinds of cars, ranging from sports cars to drag racers to heavy-duty trucks. It is also seen on some high-performance vehicles. An example is the Ferrari F1 which has spoilers placed on the front and back of the car.

You may ask, what exactly is a spoiler that's seen on sports cars? Is it just for decoration? A lot of people make the mistake of using "wing" interchangeable with spoiler, which produces a downforce whenever air passes around it. The wing performs a function that's opposite to a spoiler.

This post on Naijauto.com will be telling you what a spoiler is


If you think the spoilers are only for the racing car, you get it wrong

1. What is a spoiler on a car?

A spoiler is an aerodynamic device fitted on a car to decrease drag. What the spoiler does is to obstruct airflow to enhance the overall airflow surrounding a vehicle. The spoiler simply puts up an obstruction to an area where there's undesirable air movement so that the air can flow elsewhere. When the spoiler is fitted on the front of a car, it's referred to as air dams.

In the past, only racing cars and high-performance sports cars were known to have spoilers installed on them due to its aerodynamic benefits. However, these days, spoilers are becoming quite common in other cars. Some car enthusiasts have installed spoiler on their cars as a way to beautify it and the spoilers increases drag.


The spoiler or wing is made to enhance the aerodynamics

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2. Purposes of spoilers in a car

Spoilers serve the purpose of increasing a car's grip on the road. Basically, a car's weight is the only thing that can force the tyres to stay down on the ground. When there's no spoiler, you have no option than to increase the car's weight in other for the car to stay down. You can as well opt to change the compounds from which the tyres are made. Adding extra weight to the car poses a problem. It affects the car's speed and its performance in general.

A heavy-duty vehicle won't be able to perform well when it's about to take turns and you need grip to avoid losing control of the car. Adding more weight won't in any way improve the grip. Since you can't add extra weight to keep the car down, the spoiler will do that for you. And how does it do it?

By creating downforce on the body of the car to make sure it functions better in unfavorable air movement.

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3. What are the advantages of spoilers?

We'll be looking at what you can benefit from having a spoiler placed on your car.

  • It helps to improve traction.
  • Spoiler reduces drag.
  • It improves a car's fuel efficiency.
  • With the spoiler, the beauty of a car gets to be enhanced.
  • It gives room to automaker to build light-weight cars.

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