Somalia car bomb blast kills 17, injures 28


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Somalia has always been under attack from Al-Shabaab jihadist who resort to car bombs to carry out their attacks. Read the details!

The citizens of Mogadishu, Somalia woke up on Monday morning to a car bomb blast which vibrated all over the city, leaving 17 persons dead and 28 others injured.

Reports reaching Naijauto says the car bomb explosion happened close to a security checkpoint mounted on one of Mogadishu's main road leading to their international airport.

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The car bomb explosion happened close to a security checkpoint mounted on one of Mogadishu's main road

Witnesses at the scene said a car that was in the traffic had swerved off and exploded in front of a hotel, sending heavy smokes into the air.

The Director of Medina Hospital, where the victims were rushed to, said,

The bodies of 17 people killed in the blast were taken to the hospital mortuary while 28 others were admitted for various wounds.

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Some victims are being rescued and taken to the hospital

This attack is coming barely a week ago where 26 persons were reported to have been killed with 56 injured, in an attack which was spearheaded by Al-Shabaab jihadists.

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