Nigerian soldier caught on video flogging drivers driving against traffic in Edo


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Lawlessness even in the traffic. A soldier has taught some lawless drivers a lawless lesson for disobeying the traffic laws. Watch the video!

A Nigeria soldier has been caught on video flogging drivers who were said to be driving against the traffic in Benin, Edo State.

The 13 seconds footage showed the driver as he was flogging drivers who were driving one way at night.

The person who filmed the awkward incident and posted the video online said that there was a traffic jam on the road and some impatient drivers started following a wrong route just to wiggle out of the traffic. This infuriated a soldier who was stuck in the traffic, resorted to the use of A cane on the drivers.


Don't provoke a soldier in traffic!

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The footage has gone viral with a lot of social media users commending the actions of the soldier.


The soldier was caught flogging every driver he encountered driving against traffic

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Naijauto gathered some reactions by Nigerians who watched the video.

See their reactions.

Slawomir: Edo state.Anyhow drivers na im full this my state.

Asquare84: Very good the need to apply this in nyanya mararaba road in abuja.

Pubichairs: If u don't treat them like Animals they can never reason well. people wey him flog no go apply that route again, them go see am as dead end.

Innoxxacs: If any road user won't obey simple traffic laws for both your safety and especially that of others then you deserve to be flogged so well that it'd make you cry like a baby

Oogbiko: Very good, they'll learn now...
But on a more serious note, it is shameful for us as a nation that soldiers would be called upon to enforce civil discipline. Add this to the trend in governance in the country you will realize that we have successfully invented a new brand of democracy that is fused with military rule. Autho-democracy, which is a government of the people for the privileged few, and by the autocratic minority with military ties...
What do I know... I am everything power transformers.

iamjavadem: Great!!! Thats how they will be causing traffic, accidents and even deaths with their one-way. I support military on this.

Here's the video.

The punishment for being a lawless driver

When drivers refuse to obey the traffic rules for the free movement of vehicles and safety of motorists, they’ll end up being treated lawlessly.

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