Single-mom of 3 left children in car to commit suicide


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A mother of three has committed suicide, leaving her 3 children inside the car. Suicide is not the solution. Read the rest of the story now!

Suicide is now the order of the day and has become a global bane. No day passes without news of someone who committed suicide.

All the way from the US, reports reaching Naijauto has it that a mother has committed suicide while leaving her 3 children inside the car she drove to take her life. Sources also reveal that she had raised her kids all alone but didn't show any sign of "something went wrong."

The woman was driving her SUV car with her 3 children inside and when she came to a bridge, she stopped and alighted from the car. She walked towards the railings and jumped down from the bridge into a river to meet her death.

The mother of 3 was identified as Stanlee Allyn Holbrook, 26 years old and from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. The incident happened at the Homestead Grays Bridge Pittsburgh, around 7.20 pm. The river rescue team recovered her body around 9.15 pm.


Stanlee Allyn Holbrook committed suicide at the age of 26

In a statement written by the spokesperson for Pittsburgh Public Safety, Chris Togneri, some persons who had seen the woman when she was standing beside the bridge's railings, alerted the authorities.

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Initially, the police weren't sure if Holbrook was the mother of the 3 kids. It was her friends on social media who confirmed the children belonged to her.

The 3 children were carried off to a hospital to examine them, after which, they will be handed over to Allegheny County Department of Human Services which caters for children, youth and family issues.

Reports say, last year October, Holbrook posted on her Facebook wall about her children and how she will always love them.


Homestead Grays Bridge Pittsburgh where the sad incident happened

Neighbors around her living place also commented she was a "dedicated mother" who took good care of her children. She made sure her kids were always well-dressed. She even helped with looking after other children on the streets.

Till the day she commited suicide, she showed no sign of "something went wrong". She was once seen outside a psychiatric clinic but her doctor refused to talk about the woman's medical problems.

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