Veteran singer spotted on Keke Napep, denied bankruptcy


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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When admiral Dele Abiodun was spotted on a tricycle around Ogba Area in Lagos, he was tagged as being broke despite his veteran position in music. Read more!

When Admiral Dele Abiodun was spotted recently in a tricycle popularly known as Keke NAPEP in Nigeria, it became one of the hottest gist in town. This concern was based on his status as a reputable and well respected artist despite being over his reigning days. Many came out with different theories that Dele Abiodun is broke and he could not afford to acquire a private car for himself.

Dele Abiodun in his days was popularly known with his highlife music and the fusion of juju and afrobeat which he named Adawa; means independence. This, on several occasions was modified to fresher tune and to corroborate music element and instrument into it. To see such a veteran musician on tricycle at Ogba, a popular place in Lagos really raised eye brows.

In his defense, in one of his interviews, Admiral Dele Abiodun strongly maintained his ground that he is not broke and far from it. He claims that people still patronize him for good and quality music and charges well for his appearance in shows. He debunked the claims and criticized people concept of wealth, that seeing someone on tricycle does not transcend to being poor.


Admiral Dele Abiodun in his youthful days

When asked what he was doing on the tricycle that fateful day, he replied that he was on his way to the Excellence Hotel around Ogba. Since his house is not far from the place and it was very late already, he felt Keke NAPEP would be faster and save him the stress of driving that short distance.

Admiral Dele Abiodun, who is in his old age, believes he has nothing to prove to anybody or show off just because he wants approval from people. He believes to be a complete Nigerian; you have to experience different kinds of life. He later revealed that he has two cars in his garage; a Range Rover and Toyota Sienna.

Compilation of some of Admiral Dele Abiodun' s works

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