Siblings bravely fight off carjacker who stole their father's SUV


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A 16-year-old girl has prevented a carjacker from stealing her dad's car with her younger siblings inside. Read to know how the kids do it!

Not everyone is brave enough to fight off a robber who has come to steal from them, let alone a 16-year-old girl. However, one teen has gone to become a hero after standing her ground to protect her two siblings after a carjacker had jumped into their car and driven off as they were waiting inside the car for their father who had gone to buy pizza.


Imama and her younger siblings were waiting in the car when a carjacker jumped in

Imama Muratab and her two younger siblings, Hasnain 9 and Ayesha, 5 were waiting inside their father's SUV on a Sunday night in Chicago when the frightening incident happened.

Naijauto gathered that their father had left them inside the car and rushed to get their dinner, pizza, in West Rogers Park. The carjacker saw that as an opportunity and jumped into their car after coming down from a stolen Toyota Camry which had stopped beside the car.

Imama told local media that her siblings were sleeping while she was starting to doze off when the car robber jumped in.

She said,

"This dude just jumps in the car and he looks back and I realize it's not my dad, so I go, 'Who are you?!''

He starts driving really fast, going in like a zig-zag pattern."

According to her, the man screamed, "Get out or I'm going to shoot you."

Imama had wanted to get out as the man had screamed but she wasn't ready to leave her siblings behind.


Imama was brave enough to fight off the carjacker who stole her father's SUV

She said,

"I was just scared for my life, I didn't know what to do,' Imama said. 

I was in panic mode, like, I wanted to cry but I knew I had to do something that can help.'

The teenager began to scream and at the same time, tried to choke the man when her screaming woke up her brother and sister.

Her siblings joined her in hitting the carjacker and Imama saw her father's phone and took it. She started to call 911 while her brother used his iPad to continue hitting the carjacker.

The carjacker only drove four blocks before stopping. He got down and fled in the Toyota Camry that he earlier came in.

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A CCTV footage from a fuel station captured the carjacker with his gang members inside the stolen Toyota car

A CCTV footage from a fuel station captured the carjacker with his gang members inside the stolen Toyota car barely an hour after the incident.

The police surrounded them after they were caught but the driver fled. The remaining four were arrested and indicted for criminal trespass to the car.

Siblings fight off carjacker who stole SUV while they were inside on North Sid

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