Shampoo can explodes inside Honda Civic, ripping massive hole in its sunroof


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A seemingly innocent dry shampoo blasted this car's sunroof. See how!

A young girl in America purchased a tokunbo 2018 Honda Civic that had not driven up to 5000 miles in June, and she never expected that it will only take a can of dry shampoo to destroy the car.

The car happens to be her first car and information gathered by Naijauto say the 19-year-old teen had saved some money from her job at a grocery store, together with the gift her grandmother gave her to buy the car.

And now, she's left with a car whose sunroof has been blown apart, all because of a can of shampoo she kept inside the cabin.


The Honda Civic's roof was ripped open by the overheated can shampoo

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The young girl is heartbroken as the situation may spell out to be a huge financial loss.

According to research, many dry shampoos are made of cornstarch and alcohol to reduce excess oil on the hair. However, they aren't made equally.

The aerosol can of shampoo was said to be an Equate brand.


The aerosol can shampoo which blasted the roof of the car

A college professor named Michelle Francl examined the dry shampoo and has this to say.

It’s got propane and butane in it, which are the same things that are in lighters

Propane and butane are flammable ingredients commonly found in aerosol products and they propel a product to pop out of a container.

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The young girl on her own part said she was aware of chemicals being under pressure while they're inside aerosol cans. Howbeit, she was surprised to see butane and propane as ingredients used to make the shampoo.

She said,

At least if you are transporting butane or a propane tank you know it’s dangerous and can take special safety precautions

This was a seemingly innocent can of dry shampoo.

According to her, the insurance company where the car was insured said they will pay for the damages only if they don't exceed $15,000.That's about ₦5.4 million. With that amount, one can actually buy a 2020 car that's worth driving, though.

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