[Sexy car wash] Who did it better: Western or Nigerian sexy girls?


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The debate over Western or African beauty is more favoured in the country is on end for years. Check out sexy car wash pictures/ videos and answer yourself.

It’s common to see sexy girls demonstrating their car wash skills in hot auto shows around the globe but Nigeria seems to lag far behind. You definitely can find appealing car wash videos or even pictures floating on the market but it will take hours to filter quality ones with gorgeous sexies.

girl washing car

Thinking people should hold a competition for sexiest car wash

Don’t you worry! We have already gathered here the sexiest photos and clip of car wash from all over the world to finalize who most excel at this job, ranging from irresistible curves of Western beauties to inviting manners of brownie. And of course, the most anticipating is provocative dances while washing cars from our girls – sexy Nigerians in bikini.

Okay, no more delay! Here is the first pictures from international friends!

Western girl washing car

Western girl washing car

a girl posing while washing car

Sexy car wash for Western girls' lovers

2 Asian girls washing car
Asian cuties washing cars in Thai motor show

How do you feel? Is it hot enough? Hold on, we have two more to go. Next come the hot curves from these brownies!

a brown girl washing car

2 hot black girls washing a car

And now, ladies and gentlemen! Please give an applause for our sexy young girls from Nigeria with their attractive car wash dances.

a group of hot black girls in sexy car wash dance

Watch the best sexy car wash girls in Nigeria

You’ve just watched most sexy car washes collected from different corners of the Earth, have you had your answers already? Like and share the post, caption your final decision so that we know what you want more!

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