Stinking poop! Watch how a sewage truck put out BMW X6 fire!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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A poop truck has come to rescue of a BMW X6 that caught fire along Samara road in Russia recently. Click here to see the video!

Disgusting? Maybe to passerby and obviously not to the owner of the car, who was put out of the fire misery recently in a small town close to Kazakhstan border. According to report, this incident happened in a road in Samara, Southeast Moscow in Russia when a BMW X6 was engulfed in flames, only to be rescued by a passing sewage truck.


The BMW owner sought help from a passing sewage truck

According to the video, the crossover coupe was captured emitting smoke, while fire was coming from the engine. When the driver saw the situation of things as the fire was spreading with the speed of light, he had no other option but to call for help despite calling the emergency services earlier on.


He had to open up the engine to put the fire with stinking poop from the sewage truck

Luckily for him, as at the time when this was happening, a sewage truck was passing through that road. The driver of the truck decided to come to the rescue by pulling his truck close to the bimmer. Looks like the truck driver knew what he was doing as he started pumping poops into the engine to extinguish the light coming under the hood. No doubt, that could count among most disgusting fire extinguishing techniques of all time.

Video a BMW X6 got saved by poop

We could see from the video that the person filming couldn’t withstand the smell of the poop anymore and decided to stop the video. Who could have imagined that human waste would save the day after all for the owner of the BMW X6?

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