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Notorious Nigerian senator – Dino Melaye reacted to an anti-post with his troll: “Remember to include my Ferrari”

If you usually follow Nigerian social media, you must know who Dino Melaye is.

This senator is working at Kogi West and extremely well known for a number of scandals surrounding his private life as well as political career.

Once being accused of telling lies about his Harvard certificate, he was also attacked by many due to his ostentatious lifestyle while the community is struggling to get out of poverty.

Dino's post about his cars

Dino’s post revealing his extravagant life

On his social network account, he has posted a lot of pictures revealing his luxury auto collection and designer boutiques. That’s why a social user named tobinscoswag has thrown some sarcastic words to this senator.

Post by social user

The sarcastic post by tobinscoswag

Unlike other politicians, Dino Melaye always confronts with this kind of problem in a trolling manner, in which he reminds the attacker to include his Ferrari to the collection as well.

Dino's post

Dino's trolling response

Speaking of Dino’s auto collection, the brands vary from expensive to extremely expensive ones, like Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce.

Dino Melaye's cars

Dino Melaye's cars

Dino Melaye's cars

Dino’s luxury car collection

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