Nigerian man spotted driving a self-made car in Lagos


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Who says Nigerian youths are not creative? Let them watch the video and read about this young man who was spotted driving a self-made car. It's all here!

This is the kind of stories that inspire us at and we are hopeful that soon, we will be having varieties of several Nigerian-made cars available on our website 😊.

Just recently, we got this interesting report of a certain Nigerian man who has been proudly driving a car he made by himself on the street of Lagos. This is not a joke or whatsoever like you would think. As a matter of fact, a Nigerian media entrepreneur, whose name was reported to be Ayo Animashaun got so impressed and excited that he stopped to interview the young man in question.


A young Nigerian man proudly driving his self-made car

The replies he got from this young Nigerian auto creator was unbelievably affirmative and the man even stressed further that he not only built the car by himself, he had also built a helicopter and a drone that actually flies. Below are the words of Ayo Animashaun according to the reports that we got:

"I met this young man last Sunday afternoon while I was driving to the office and we became friends. He was in my office yesterday and we had a long chat. He built his car, has a drone that flies, built a helicopter but doesn’t even have a phone. This young man put everything he has and get in his passion. He can’t even boast of a “palasa” phone. No battery to start his car, he pushes. He needs our support You need to hear his full story. Stay tuned."

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When will the Nigerian elites, top politicians, private investors, and even our government begin to recognize, harness and empower creative youths like this man that we are telling his story?

If you still aren’t convinced about the above story then please take your time to watch the video of the man as recorded below:

Man Driving Self Made Car in Lagos Streets 1

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