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The tires of your car should not be burden anymore since you can have the new tire innovation that heals when punctured; quickly check out how it works here!

Car tires are completely important to the movement we enjoy, and the conditions of any car’s tires are key players in driving safety. There have been some improvements in the technology for car tires, and it has successfully got the popular tubeless technology.

The development of new tire innovation that heals when punctured is one solution that the automotive industry needs to embrace. It has a concept which promises a solution for problems of many cases of flat tires; a tough experience which many driver usually deal with.

Below are some rough explanations about these self-healing tire designs, brought to you by!

1. The technology involved in making self-healing tires

The innovation which has been under process at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) of Harvard University, is centered on water-based hydrogels. Rubber was discovered to become self-healing if reversible bonds and molecular bonds will be made to form together. Although the two bonds do not mix together ordinarily.

The output of the research is known as hybrid rubber where the reversible bond and the molecular bonds are held together by randomly branched polymers. The rubber then has the ability to replace the torn bonds that were broken by the puncture. The water-based polymer in the new tire innovation is actually transparent, tough and it heals the area of leakage gradually.

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How it works

When the car tires picks up a sharp object that punctures it, the hydrogel on the interior of the new tire innovation begins to move onto the hole to seal it. The escaping action of air inside the tire contributes to its healing activity and the hydrogel sets calmly into the hole and heals the tire.


Illustration of how new tire innovation works

2. The benefits of self-healing tires

We have durable tires today from the very recent designs and materials. The concept of the water-based hydrogel is better than the popular tires we use today. The fact that most fatal accidents occuring daily on the road is caused by vehicle tire being punctured while the car is at top speed, contributes to our necessary interest in the benefits of a tire that could heal itself. There are so many bad roads in most areas in the country as it is today, and these points to the probability of getting a punctured tire within a 6-month space. The following benefits of the new tire innovation are what we look forward to enjoying;

  • The quality of the sealed section will pass with better standards than the patch repairs which vulcanizers do.
  • It can allow the vehicle owner travel a good distance while it heals
  • Maintenance cost for tires is reduced
  • The new tire innovation that heals when punctured will save stress, time and lives.

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Self-healing tires are totally able to become the best seller in Nigeria

3. The progress with this innovation

The research on the water-based hydrogel technology is currently at the patent phase, as the Office of Technology Development at Harvard University has filed applications to seek patent approval and commercial support. The subsequent phases that will be involved will be more highway and offroad tire testing to confirm all the safety considerations before beginning mass production.

This new tire innovation is very near with us now, and it can only see more improvements; we can be assured that the innovation will be worth the wait. This advancement holds a large factor that will contribute to how cars are driven in our very near future.

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