Actor Segun Arinze explains after allegedly battering house help (video)


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Segun Arinze angrily runs after his house help for allegedly driving his car without his permission. The Actor almost hits the boy with his car. Watch the video and read his explanations below!

Nollywood Actor, Segun Arinze, is caught up in a controversy as a video circulating online shows him trying to attack his house help.

According to the source @CloakedAdonis who posted the video on Instagram, the veteran actor battered his house help because the fellow took off his burglary proof and drove his car without his permission.


The Actor has addressed the incident, stating his own side of the story.

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In the video, the young man is seen running without a shirt on, placing a hand on his battered face. He stops for a moment, and the Actor drives in, almost knocking him down with his SUV. The boy continues to run as Segun alights from his car. Segun tries to go after the boy, but he is restrained by the people around.  At this point, he is heard yelling at the boy.

Addressing the incident in an interview, the Nollywood Actor stated that the boy in question is his security guard. According to him, the boy’s “excesses are too much.”

See what he said:

“Isaiah has been working with me for over a year, I take him as a younger brother and I never treated him like a staff, but his excesses are too much.

“He leaves his duty post at will without informing anyone in the house.

“He left the gate open unguarded countless times. I have spoken, counselled, gotten angry many times, to no avail.

“On Sunday, he left the house without informing me; he returned on Monday afternoon, saying he went for a party and forgot my gate key at his friend’s house.

“At that point, I couldn’t bottle up my anger any longer, so, I slapped him.”

Segun Arinze is one of the few Nollywood Actors that are free of controversy. Until now, not much had been heard of him as he led a quiet life.

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