See Volkswagen's giant glass towers that store 800 of its custom-made cars


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Inside the breathtaking glass towers of Volkswagen are hundreds of custom-made cars waiting for their owners!

If there is somewhere that all car fans wish to visit once in their lifetime, it would be Volkswagen's Autostadt (Automobile City) where its tailored automotive products are stored. 

Simple as it may look from the outside, who knows what's happening inside those blocks of solid buildings? Tons of hi-tech devices and sophisticated equipment to keep Volkswagen customed cars in mint condition.

Want a sneak peek? Here presents to you!


Massive glass towers of Volkswagens automaker

In Volkswagen's Autostadt or so-called the Automobile City, two 160-feet-high towers are made from specific glass store approximately 800 custom-made car models. Also on the campus are a big automobile museum, a theme park, various luxury restaurants, and hotels.


The maze to store around 800 custom-made cars

Besides, there is a 700-meter-long underground tunnel which connects the Volkswagen factory and two glass towers. After being built, cars will be automatically transported from VW’s factory to the storing towers by a modern technology before their owners come to collect them.

As cars reach the towers, Robotic arms will carry them to parking spaces at a 1.5m/s speed.

Video: The lift in Autostadt from the top of the glass tower

These automatic delivery towers are known as the biggest car delivery center and the fastest auto-parking system of the world. Thanks to them, Volkswagen can deliver about 600 cars to their customers each day. And with this amazing performance, Volkswagen Autostadt has been listed in 2014 Book of Guinness World Records to honor its extraordinary elevators.

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If you have a chance to go to Wolfsburg, Germany, don’t forget to buy tickets to visit this stunning "car Disneyland”. The Car Tower Ascent cabin would move slowly to make sure you fully enjoy the trip, and there's a panoramic view of the city if you're interested.


Don’t forget to buy tickets to visit this cars museum!

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