[Video] See Tom Cruise drifting a BMW M5 on the set of Mission Impossible 7


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Viral video shows Popular Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise, drifts with a BMW M5 for the upcoming Mission Impossible 7 movie.

The Mission Impossible movie series has become a popular franchise that pulls quite a huge crowd of action movie lovers and a worldwide fanbase. It has also stolen the hearts of many car lovers because the movie series usually feature powerful car stunts, drifts and use of high-performance vehicles in general. This is the reason why the automobile world is currently trending an “exciting” video of Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise, drifting a BMW M5 sedan while shooting a scene for the upcoming Mission Impossible 7 movie.


Tom Cruise gorgeously drifts a special BMW M5 sedan while shooting the upcoming Mission Impossible 7 movie

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Even though we will have to wait till the 19th of November 2021 before we can see the actual Mission Impossible 7 movie, recent viral videos that leaked from the shooting sessions could already give us a glimpse of what to expect. In one of the viral videos, we could obviously see Tom Cruise performing some exciting drifts with a BMW M5 sedan. Similarly, we could also see a Nissan GT-R sports car that is being used as the camera car that was following the BMW M5 to capture all the twist and turns during the drifts. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Below is the leaked video showing Tom Cruise drifting the BMW M5 sedan.


Did you also notice from the above video that a Porsche Cayenne luxury crossover was also used as a camera car? Too many exciting details from the movie shooting sessions gives assurance that the upcoming Mission Impossible 7 film will be a “banger”.

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