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The Nigerian automotive stage is prepared to receive a massive influx of electric cars which are far more economical than gasoline or diesel powered engines. Click here for more!

A year or two ago, it was beyond doubts that electric cars are not very popular on Nigerian roads. However, in recent development, there is a mass preparation for putting electric cars on every road in Africa. This was made known by the PSC Solar UK, a research and development arm of PSC industries in Lagos, Nigeria, in a statement released by the Nigerian who happens to be the solar electricity and renewable energy total solution manufacturer, claimed the presence of EV charger for all electricity powered vehicles in four African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Niger and Benin Republic.

Dr. Patrick Owelle, the company Managing Director made this announcement known at the Paris Motor Show in France at the time when PSC was having its UK solar exhibition around last year, October 18, 2018.


The maintenance cost of a typical electric car is very low

According to him, it is not strange news to people concerning the presence of the industrial revolutionized electric vehicles (EV) which all manufacturers such as boats, buses, trains and cars are massively competing and vying for a strong position in the electric vehicle market. This trend is further aggravation by the environmental pollutions and drastic degradation in climate caused by diesel powered engines. Some nations are already removing those vehicles off their streets.

The challenge posed by global warming is really shaking up the entire universe and Africa as a continent needs to take a strong stand. Using the worrisome example of Lake Chad Basin, this is already drying off and encouraging mass migration of Africans into Europe for greener pasture. The lake which used to be their only source of sustenance for fishing and farming is no more drying off due to climate change. Another example of global warming is the ice glacier in Greenland which is seriously melting off due to higher temperature. If the entire ice glacier melts off, it could be catastrophic for the entire universe.

Professor James Omoleye, who used to be a director, center for research in Covenant University in Ogun State, in an electric car innovation chat in 2012, admitted that if pollution can be alleviated through the air emitted from vehicles, that would have accounted for 80% of the universal pollution.

How you can charge an electric vehicle

To Owelle, the benefits of electric cars are far beyond the global warming challenges associated with mechanical engines. Be it commercial or private use, electrical cars are very economical. Instead of the four thousand naira fuel for every 500 kilometers, with this car, you will only need to recharge with just three hundred naira or less. Also, in the area of repair of movable components of mechanical cars, there is no such disturbing and continuous repair in electrical cars. This means your incurred debts on repair bills will become something of the past.

According to him, there is no much difference between the electric car and mechanical engines except while the mechanical engines needs gasoline or diesel to power itself, an electric car needs a specially designed lithium ion phosphate battery bank to work.

In a further statement made by him, there will be recharge centers that will replace the filling stations we have all over the country. This recharge centers, PSC Company Electric Vehicle Chargers will provide affordable services more than buying of fuel at filling stations. What you should know is that it takes only 10-15 minutes for a full recharge, for just 300 naira. He believes that there are different EV chargers for all car types and purposes such as commercial, private or even industrial charge. Such chargers come in different sizes from small to larger EV charger unit.


The EV charging units will be installed and replace the gas filling stations across the country

Owelle stated that his company will need stronger investor to partner in ensuring the success of such huge project. He believes they are targeting big oil conglomerates to put this EV charging units all over their filling stations across the country. The government in every African state should prepare not be left behind in the automotive trends and economic development associated with this new innovation in the industry, which will also serve as additional income aside oil revenue for the government.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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